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What Are Vitamin Gummies? 

How often do you forget to take your vitamins? Or are you struggling to choose which vitamins to start taking? This is the best thing about vitamin gummies, they make taking your daily vitamins exciting and convenient. Vitamin Gummies are exactly what you think they are, a delicious, chewable source of your daily nutrients. 


Vitamins are essential to provide your body support, when you’re unable to consume enough through your diet, vitamin supplements could be a great choice. It’s convenient if you have a busy lifestyle and if you find it difficult to swallow capsules, they are easier to take. Gummies can also help you build a routine that includes your supplements as they can be easier to take.  


Most of our gummies range should be taken once or twice, daily. Please see packaging for recommended daily dosage of each type of vitamin gummy.     

Side Effects

Our expertly formulated gummies contain the perfect daily dose of each vitamin and mineral you need. You may see some adverse side effects if you excess the recommended daily serving, so we recommend you stick to the serving suggestion on pack. 


Are Vitamin Gummies Effective? 

Yes! They are often packed with the same amounts of vitamins and minerals as their tablet or capsule counterpart. And, if the gummy format helps you to keep to the habit for longer, or take your supplements more regularly, you’re more likely to see the benefits.   

Here are our best Vitamin Gummies. 


The 10 Best Vitamin Gummies

Best Gummies For Hair, Skin & Nails

With a variety of flavour options, our Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins are carefully formulated to meet your beauty needs from within. This delicious gummy includes biotin to support your hair and nail health and vitamin C for added collagen. It is the perfect, healthy addition to your skin care routine with 8 vital nutrients for your inner beauty. 

Key Benefits 

  • Supports your collagen formation 
  • Selenium to boost hair and nail strength 
  • Added vitamin C to protect cells from oxidative stress 

Best Collagen Gummies For Your Skin 

As we get older, our body’s production of collagen decreases between 1 & 1.5% every year 1. It is an essential protein found in our skin and bones that helps the cells remain strong and resilient. Our collagen levels gradually decline because of many factors such as, lack of sleep, sun exposure and excess alcohol 2. Our collagen gummies have added vitamin C for immune health and cognitive function support. 

Key Benefits  

  • 500mg of marine collagen per serving. 

Vitamin D Gummies For Immunity 

Naturally produced when exposed to sunlight, vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps control your bodys calcium and phosphate levels 4. Our vitamin D gummies are a convenient, delicious way to aid our natural levels for bone and teeth health and cell division. 

The autumn and winter months mean we see very minimal sunlight and we are more susceptible to illnesses. This means it’s important to support our intake and our vitamin D gummies are the perfect helping hand to boost your immune system.  

Key Benefits

  • Vegetarian friendly 
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones 
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function 

Best Everyday Multivitamin Gummies 

We understand that some people find it difficult to include all the necessary vitamins they need in their diet. One simple, tasty gummy can be your helping hand to make sure your body is consistently receiving the right nutrients. They are a special blend of 10 vitamins and minerals including vitamin A to support your organ function, C for cell protection, D for your immunity and biotin for hair health to make sure you are taking care of yourself from the inside out 5. 

Key Benefits 

  • Added iodine to support cognitive function 
  • Includes vitamins A, C and D 
  • Delicious strawberry flavour

Ashwagandha Gummies For Mind Health 

Tracing back to 6000 BC, Ashwagandha is a popular herb used for medicinal purposes to promote general wellness 6. Many clinical studies have been conducted and its complexity has been proven to alleviate stress, support fitness performance and sharpen memory 7.  

Our delicious apple flavoured gummies are the perfect assistance to add to your routine to support your general health. 

Key Benefits 

  • 150mg of ashwagandha extract 
  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Added B6 to reduce fatigue 

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies For Metabolism

Do you usually take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar? Ease up your intake with our tasty gummies as just two of these supplements are equivalent to a shot. It has grown in popularity because of its immense health benefits such as controlling blood glucose level, killing harmful bacteria and can assist in increasing metabolism 8.  

Key Benefits

  • 500mg of Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Vitamin C to contribute to collagen formation 
  • Added chromium to support natural metabolism 

Best Gut Gummies

According to the NHS, around 13 million people suffer from digestion problems 3. Many people don’t realise the importance of gut health for their general wellbeing and push it to the last of their priorities. Your gut can impact your energy levels, digestion, mental health and can increase vulnerability to chronic diseases 9.  

Take care of your insides and be the best version of yourself with our gut gummies, designed keep you feeling incredible all day long. Don’t let an unhappy gut get in the way of meals! 

Key Benefits 

  • 1 billion live cultures per gummy 
  • Added vitamin C 
  • Contains live cultures called B. Coagulans 

Best Gummies For Relaxation 

A study suggests that 79% of adults in the UK feel stress at least once a month 10. With our hectic lives, many can find it hard to unwind and relax. Designed to help you reduce stress, this special blend of vitamin B6, vitamin E and herbal extracts like lemon balm and chamomile, is the perfect addition to boost your vitamin intake. 

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient that helps your psychological health, immune system and prevent tiredness 11. Add our delicious blackcurrant flavoured gummies to your daily routine.  

Key Benefits

  • Vegan-friendly 
  • 1.4mg of vitamin B6 

Best Pregnancy Gummies

This expertly formulated gummy is filled with all your crucial nutrients and minerals such as folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B, biotin and zinc, to support you through your pregnancy. Folic acid is a vital nutrient to aid cell growth, as well as reducing the risk of your baby being born with neural tube defect 12. Naturally, our bodies produce vitamin D from sunlight and it is necessary to support our bones, immune system and calcium levels.  

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting period of your life, your hormone changes can cause fatigue and tiredness, especially within the first 12 weeks. Vitamin C is the perfect way to boost your cognitive health 13. The added biotin can support your hair and skin health, to keep you feeling beautiful from within. 

Key Benefits

  • 400mcg of folic acid 
  • 10mcg of Vitamin D3 
  • Delicious mixed berry flavour 

Multivitamin Gummies For Kids

We understand the difficulty of getting your kids to eat vegetables and fruits in their everyday diet. Our carefully formulated, strawberry gummy is perfect for picky eaters, filled with 8 vital nutrients to make sure your kids are always feeling their best. Each delicious gummy is filled with vitamin A, B, C, D and E along with niacin and pantothenic acid to make sure they are protected at every moment of the day.  

Key Benefits

  • Includes Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 
  • 50p from each pot is donated to Barnardos 
  • Fuss free way to ensure your kids receive all necessary nutrients 


Talk To Your Doctor

This article is strictly to provide you with information about our vitamin gummies, please consult your doctor or GP for medical advice on what vitamins you should take.  


Take Home Message

Whether you are looking to maintain energy, improve your sleep and gut health or looking to generally support your health, gummies can help ease your vitamin intake. It is a simple and convenient way to maintain your health and perfect to have if you are always on the go. 



Are vitamin and supplement gummies effective?

Yes. With added nutrients in each gummy to support other factors of your health, it is the perfect boost of nutrients to add to your daily routine. 

What are the benefits of taking vitamin gummies?

Gummies are a delicious way to make sure you take all your essential vitamins. It is convenient for those who are always busy and can sometimes be easier on the stomach. Plus, if you have kids, it’s a great way to incorporate good habits.  

Are vitamin gummies absorbed better than pills?

If there are the same amounts of vitamins in the pill and the gummy, they will be absorbed qually as well as one another. 

Are vitamin and supplement gummies easier on the stomach? 

If you find it difficult to swallow pills, gummies are the perfect solution for you. 

Is it good to take vitamin gummies every day?

If you are struggling to eat or drink the right amount of nutrients, vitamin gummies are a convenient way to make sure you are maintaining your health. 

How many vitamin gummies can you take a day?

Each type of vitamin will vary in dosage, please see individual packaging for suggested use.


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