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What Is Black Friday? 

For shopaholics, Black Friday is the most exciting day of the year. 

Initially receiving its name in the late 1860’s after a financial crash, the Black Friday we know today actually began in Philadelphia in the 1050’s (1). It is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday, where retailers provide their customers with some of the biggest discounts and deals of the year.  

When Is Black Friday? 

This year, Black Friday lands on the 25th of November.  

Don’t miss the chance to shop all your favourite vitamins and supplements with amazing discounts, getting ahead of your Christmas shopping. This year at Myvitamins, we are going even bigger and giving you the fairytale Black Friday experience, you have always dreamed of… 

Don’t let the overwhelming number of sales throw you off, follow our guide to learn the best Black Friday deals and discounts around. 


Most Popular Black Friday Products 

Vitamin D3 Softgels  

As winter months approach us, your body receives less sunlight and is therefore unable to naturally produce vitamin D.  

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that largely contributes to protecting your immunity and boosts your calcium levels to support your bones and teeth (2). Don’t let a lack of vitamin D affect your general wellbeing and top up your levels with our vitamin D3 softgels.


Biotin Tablets

Looking to boost your vitamin intake?  

Biotin is a great source of vitamin B7 – essential to maintain teeth, bones hair, skin and nails health (5) and has added benefits that contribute to energy levels and normal metabolism. Although it can be found naturally in your everyday foods such as eggs, it is important to encourage your intake with the Myvitamins Biotin Tablets. 

Retinol (Vitamin A)

Progressively becoming popular for its beauty benefits, retinol is a type of vitamin A which is designed to meet both your beauty and essential needs. Myvitamins Retinol Softgels are the perfect addition to your skincare routine, as is has been clinically proven to reduce acne, acne scars, dark spots and various other skin conditions. Our Retinol Softgels are the answer to convenience and simplicity, all in one. 

Ashwagandha KSM66 Capsules

This time of year can be very exciting but can also be stressful trying to keep up with all your shopping habits and Christmas parties! Don’t let the Christmas chaos define your mood. Myvitamins Ashwagandha capsules are the perfect helping hand to maintain your tranquility throughout the season and are the perfect, natural addition to your daily routine.  

An ancient adaptogen herb, Ashwagandha, is traditionally used for medicinal purposes (3) and is mostly taken to care for overall calm and relaxation. Recent clinical studies that have been conducted also link Ashwagandha to improving mental health, supporting heart health and boosting your fitness goals (26). 


The Christmas season usually means big Christmas dinners, parties and an abundance of leftovers. Don’t let yourself be left with an unhappy tummy this Christmas. Replenish your body with vitamins so that you can be healthy all winter. 

Our gut is a complicated part of our body that always needs looking after as we don’t always maintain a balanced diet. Myvtiamins Digestion Tablets are an expert blend of 15 billion live cultures and chloride to support normal digestion 4. 


Best Black Friday Bundles

Can’t decide on what to buy? Why not shop our Black Friday favourite bundles. 

Coconut & Collagen and Hair, Skin and Nails 

Your beauty begins from within, and it is important to take care of more than what’s on the surface. Our beauty best sellers are carefully manufactured to support your beauty needs, with added zinc to strengthen features, vitamin A for healthy skin and vitamin B6 for immune health. The older you get, the less collagen your body produces and it is important to support your natural levels. Sometimes creams, gels, moisturisers and sprays can be a time-consuming process; whereas, our capsules and gummies are the perfect solution to ease into your routine.


If you are not the best at taking tablet form supplements, our gummy best seller bundle is the one for you. Including our Multivitamin Gummies and Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, this bundle is the perfect way to support your everyday wellbeing. 

Over Black Friday and Christmas, our lifestyles get busier than ever, making it difficult to meet the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Whether you are looking to strengthen your hair and nails, or support your natural defences, our Gummy Bestsellers Bundle is a fruity way to maintain your well-being from the inside. 


Protecting yourself from the inside, through to the outside, is the best way to take care of your wellbeing. The colder weather incoming, combined with lots of Christmas parties means we are more prone and exposed to illnesses; therefore, it is crucial to do everything you can to boost your immunity. Including vitamin D3, vitamin C and Spirulina, a popular type of algae, rich in many essential nutrients like iron and copper (6), is the perfect addition to boost your daily routine.  

Morning Collagen 

Finding motivation early in the morning can be difficult, so why not start your day off right with our Morning Collagen bundle?  

The perfect duo to boost your natural collagen levels, our Morning Collagen Bundle is a convenient way to support your levels every single day. Level up your breakfast with our chocolate collagen pancake mix, the perfect source of protein and essential vitamins to support your collagen formation, promoting skin elasticity and youth.


Rest East Care Package 

With our hectic lives, we often leave ourselves feeling tired and stressed. Our diet and eating habits also play a big habit in this. The Myvitamins Rest Easy Care Package is the perfect way to boost your intake of essential vitamins and minerals, helping you to feel your best all day long and showing yourself a little gratitude.  


Best Beauty Supplements For Black Friday

Shine bright this Christmas with our best beauty supplements. 

Hair, Skin and Nails 

Your hair, skin and nails are the first places to show that our bodies are lacking nutrients. Your nails become brittle, hair becomes weaker and your skin becomes more prone to breakouts if not enough of the right nutrients are taken. Therefore, it is important to remember that to look your best on the outside, you need to look after your inside. Here at Myvitamins, our Hair, Skin & Nails capsules contain vitamins C to support the formation of collagen in the body to help support your skin (22), zinc to help reduce oxidative damage (11) and biotin to encourage the health of nails (15). 

Beauty Elixir 

A gut-friendly blend of plant-based extracts, vitamin C and selenium to support healthy hair and nails, Myvitamins Beauty Elixir is a delicious blood-orange flavour, is a great addition to your daily routine. Enriched with essential beauty vitamins, this expertly designed formula includes selenium which promotes healthy hair and nails (10) and protects cells from oxidative stress caused by sun exposure (11). Along with a potent formulation of plant-based extracts, this fruity drink contains a bio-fermented blend of inulin and aloe vera extract. Inulin is a high-fibre prebiotic which feeds good bacteria in the gut, (12) making this blend beneficial for your overall wellbeing over Chrsitmas. 

Collagen Shot 

Over Black Friday, your busy lifestyle can take a toll on our skin. It is vital to ensure you are getting all the right vitamins to support your wellbeing. Myvitamins Beauty Collagen Shots are perfect to ensure this as they are uniquely formulated with hyaluronic acid, collagen, biotin, selenium to support your hair, skin and nails (13). 

Coconut & Collagen 

Black Friday is a stressful time of year, and can even make you start to look wrinkled, with a lack of youth in your appearance. By adding collagen to your diet, can encourage a ‘youthful volume to the skin’ according to ELLE (14). With a formulation that you won’t find anywhere else, our Coconut & Collagen can help to boost your collagen levels to support the health of your skin and hair. 

Myvitamins Coconut & Collagen is a special blend of minerals expertly designed to support the condition of your skin (15). It contains hydrolysed collagen to improve its bioavailability and coconut oil as a natural source of medium-chain-triglycerides. Added vitamin C helps to support the formation of collagen in the body and maintain the condition of your skin. 

Skin Sculpt Capsules 

Our SkinSculpt Capsules are a unique blend of beauty nutrients, including Dimpless, a natural source of enzyme SuperOxide Dismutase, which is clinically proven to prevent the formation of cellulite on thighs (16). The two main causes of cellulite are fat cell hypertrophy and collagen fibre fibrosis, both of which are closely linked to oxidative stress. Myvitamins SkinSculpt Capsules contain 80mg of vitamin C per serving, this essential nutrient protects cells against oxidative stress (2) and supports normal collagen formation (15). 


Black Friday Gummy Supplements

If capsules, tablets and softgels aren’t for you, we have a delicious gummies range!

Multivitamin Gummies 

Your busy lives often mean that you forget to put yourself first, and over Black Friday it is no different. This results in you feeling fatigued and not feeling your best, and more importantly, lacked in essential vitamins. Myvitamins Multivitamin Gummies deliver a unique blend of ten essential nutrients in a tasty and chewable form, needed to support your body and mind. Expertly designed for you to include in your daily routine, our multivitamin gummies are formulated with vitamin A, C & D, iodine and biotin. 

Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies 

Beauty vitamins for your hair, skin and nails in their most simple, tasty form, our strawberry flavoured gummy is the perfect addition to your daily routine. A unique formulation of nutrients, including zinc to contribute towards healthy hair, skin and nails (7), vitamin C to support collagen formation in the skin (8) and vitamin A to maintain skin health (9). 

Some beauty nutrients including biotin and zinc and most often found in meat products, meaning it is difficult for those on a plant-based diet to get their recommended daily intake. Myvitamins Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies are a vegan-friendly way to support levels every day. 

Ashwagandha Gummies 

A popular adaptogen herb traditionally used in Hindu culture, Ashwagandha is a plant extract that has grown in popularity in recent years. In a convenient, tasty gummy form, the Myvitamins Ashwagandha Gummies are perfect for those who don’t like taking tablets. With 150mg of the plant extract per gummy, these are a great addition to boost your daily routine, stress, memory and fitness performance (26). 

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 

Start your day off right this winter by taking our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies as part of your daily detox. Designed to support your lifestyle goals, our gummies include vitamin C to protect your cells against oxidative stress (11); as well as, fight tiredness (21) and support the normal function of your immune system (22). Our unique blend also includes chromium to help support blood glucose control (23) and 500mg of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Collagen Gummies

Designed to support your collagen levels, our collagen gummies are a tasty blend of essential nutrients to aid your beauty routine and overall wellbeing. Each gummy has 500mg of marine collagen and 1200ug of retinol, the perfect addition to your everyday routine.

Vitamin D Gummies 

During Black Friday, you are too busy inside trying to get the best deals. This means it is hard for you to meet your recommended daily intake of vitamin D. Myvitamins Vitamin D gummies are a tasty, orange flavour gummy, an essential nutrient that supports your immune system (27), cell division (28) and the health and your bones and teeth (29). 


Black Friday Deals For Fitness Fanatics

Whether you are looking to boost your fitness or looking to start, we have you covered. Here are some of our performance favourites.

Collagen Powder 

Through life, your collagen levels decline, and your body needs assistance in boosting your levels. Collagen is a vital nutrient that makes up 30% of your body’s protein (18). It is mostly found in your bones, joints and muscles and supporting your natural levels is important regardless of your fitness goals. Not only is it essential for muscle growth but it can keep you skin feeling youthful (19).  

Try our collagen powder, the perfect blend of two types of collagen and essential minerals in a convenient form that comes in three delicious flavours.  

Thermopure Capsules 

Here at Myvitamins, we understand that the Christmas season can be chaotic and exhausting. Out Thermopure Capsules are designed to boost your fitness goals, and support you stay active this season.  A special blend of chromium to assist with normal metabolism, l-tyrosine & l-theanine, added green tea extract, cayenne powder and black pepper extract, common ingredients found in workout supplements (20). Our capsules further contain caffeine concentration and vitamin B6 and B12 to give you that boost of energy you need every day in one convenient format.  

Essential Omega 3 Capsules 

Omega 3 has been proven to have many health benefits including maintaining a healthy heart, brain function, inflammation and immunity (2). We are all guilty of not taking care of ourselves, which is why it is good to implement habits that support your health. Your bodies can’t naturally produce these fatty acids so it is important to include them in your diets, which can be difficult. Our Omega-3 Capsules are carefully manufactured to aid our wellbeing in simple form, with DHA and EPA boosting healthy blood pressure. (25) 

Pre-Workout Shots 

Finding the right motivation to go to the gym can be demanding and after a long and busy day, you often end up skipping your sessions. Our delicious sour-berry flavoured, pre-workout shots are an easy and convenient way to get that boost of energy you need to help achieve your fitness goals. This expert formulation contains vitamin B12 and B6 to aid normal metabolism and reduce the feeling of tiredness (30). Not only does it include caffeine to promote alertness, but we have also added AAKG and citrulline, the perfect boost for high-intensity workouts (31). 

BCAA Tablets 

If you are looking for a boost of energy, our BCAA capsules could be your helping hand. BCAA are made of three important amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, that help our body’s make proteins (32). However, we are unable to produce it ourselves and it can be found in foods such as dairy and meats which can be difficult to include in some peoples daily diets. Our BCAA supplements are the perfect assistance to support your muscle growth! 


Order Information 

Once you have stocked up on all your essential supplements, you can track your order through your account and for further information check out our Help Centre. 

Shipping And Returns 

We offer two main options for UK delivery, standard (2-3 working days) and next day delivery. Please visit our Returns Policy page and Delivery Information page for more information. 

Payment Methods 

We offer multiple payment methods to make sure everyone has access to all their essential needs. Here are our payment methods: 

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Take Home Message

The Black Friday madness can be difficult to navigate, but don’t let the chaos throw you off some of the best deals and discounts. Our supplements are here to support your health and wellbeing throughout, no matter what your personal goals are. Follow our guide to Black Friday for a stress free shopping experience.  


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