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What Is Inulin and What Does It Do?

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What Is Inulin?

Termed a ‘nutritional powerhouse’, Inulin has been in the limelight as a popular supplement due to its wide range of health benefits.

Myvitamins Inulin Powder is a specially formulated source of this popular fibre, which was studied for its effects on sleep and visceral fat by the BBC. Not only this, but Inulin has been praised for its effects on health and wellbeing.

Benefits of inulin

Why Use Inulin?

1. High in Fibre

Because Inulin is soluble, the fibre dissolves in the stomach, creating a substance that not only helps to slow digestion and increase fullness, but also helps to remove cholesterol.

2. Digestive Health

Because Inulin is a type of prebiotic that our body doesn’t digest, it is able to reach our gut, where it can help increase good bacteria in the gut by feeding it. This good bacteria has a range of benefits and helps us to absorb more nutrients from the foods we digest.

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3. Blood Sugar

Because Inulin can help to slow digestion, including the digestion of carbohydrates, sugar is released more slowly without spiking, promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

4. Sleep

Inulin was put in the spotlight in the BBC documentaries ‘How to Stay Young’ and ‘The Truth About Sleep’. After Dr Michael Mosley took Inulin for five days around 20 minutes before he went to bed, he reported that the time he spent asleep increased and the time he spent restless in bed decreased. As an expertly formulated, unflavoured powder, our Inulin is simple and convenient.

Benefits of inulin sleep

How to Take Inulin

Use in baking, making syrup, or to add sweetness to smoothies, Inulin can be used in many ways. Just add 5g to your mix and take once a day.

Customer Reviews

Unexpected Benefit…

I am currently going through the menopause and frequently toss and turn and normally wake up drenched in sweat in the morning. I started taking 5mg in my evening protein whey mix and would you believe I have been sleeping soundly and….waking up bone dry. I am very very happy.


I rarely write reviews but felt I had to for this little life saver! I’ve had trouble sleeping for the last few years and tried everything to no avail! The first day I tried this I slept right through the night, which hasn’t happened since I was about 18! (Am now 45).

Unexpected Benefits

It has had remarkable effects on my bowel movements! Very effective at keeping me regular without strain or loose movements.

It Works

Bought this because of previous reviews saying it helps with sleeping. It definitely works for me and have started taking it later in the evening rather than the morning.


I have to say this is definitely worth its weight in gold, I have been sleep depraved for over a year. This product is excellent and defiantly improves the quality of sleep it’s my second lot and highly recommend it I wouldn’t be without it I take an hour before bedtime. In turn improved quality of life.


If you want to add ‘nutritional powerhouse’ Inulin to your routine to help you reach your wellness goals, shop now:

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The Truth About Stress, Prebiotics & Sleep

2019-03-24 11:44:37By Katie Lambert

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