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The Benefits Of Consistently Taking Vitamins

We know that consistently taking vitamins can be a chore. But actually remembering to take our vitamins every day is important.

Vitamins can do amazing things for our health and wellbeing IF we remember to take them every day. If we don’t take them consistently, then we might not see the benefits they can have. Here is why.


Why Do We Need To Take Vitamins?

With our busy, modern lifestyles it can be difficult to get enough of the right nutrients from our food alone. But our body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to function. We all have a recommended daily amount (RDA) of each of the essential vitamins. It needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and vitamin K for our blood to coagulate. Other nutrients can help to support bodily functions, like collagen and the integrity of our skin.

They should never be used to replace a healthy diet, but taking them can supplement the food that you eat. They can help to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function. But you need to take them every day. Your body needs vitamins every day, so it’s important that we take them consistently.

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The Importance Of Consistently Taking Vitamins

All vitamins have a recommended dosage, which has been researched and formulated by experts. It’s important to keep to this so that you get enough of the ingredients.

Forgetting a daily dose of your vitamins won’t cause any serious problems. But inconsistently taking vitamins will affect how well your supplement works. It can take time to build up levels in the cases of deficiencies, or some vitamins can’t be stored in the body and so regular supplementation is needed to maintain normal levels. Consistently taking vitamins can help to provide a constant supply of essential nutrients for your body.

So taking a new supplement for a week might not result in immediate changes. As with any prescription medication, sometimes it can take weeks to see results. Sometimes the time of day that you take your vitamins can help too.

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How To Remember To Take Your Vitamins

On top of everything else in our busy lives, remembering to take your vitamins can be a challenge. So here are the 3 things that we do to help us to remember:

  1. Be Consistent

    Aim to take your vitamins at the same time everyday so that it becomes routine

  2. Show Them Off

    Keep them at the front of your mind by keeping them on show. We find having them on our desks gives us a daily prompt.

  3. Split Them Up

    Your vitamin tub doesn’t have to be kept in one place. Divide the pills up in different places, maybe one at home and one at the office. A pillbox or stacker can be really helpful to keep tablets freshly sealed.


Do I Need To Take My Vitamins At The Same Time Every Day?

There is no WRONG time to take vitamins in terms of impacting your health. But some vitamins are best when taken at certain times of the day. For example, water-soluble vitamins, like vitamin C and B, are best in the morning. Whereas Omega 3 should be taken with a big meal, like dinner, and magnesium should be taken in the evening before bed.

Here is our nutritionist’s complete guide to the best time to take supplements.

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