Healthy Breakfast Recipes And 3 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Important

Following healthy breakfast recipes can be time-consuming, which is something we don’t have a lot of in the morning. But breakfast is actually more important for us than we might think.

According to the NHS, “there is no official advice in the UK about when we should have our meals, although people are advised not to skip breakfast.” But quite often we do skip it either to cut back the calories or gain a little more precious time. Is that really good for us? Should we be skipping breakfast? Or is there truth behind the proverb: “eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner”?

Why Is Breakfast So Important?

It’s called breakfast for a reason. We break the overnight fast, preferably within two hours of waking up. Here’s why:

  1. Restore glucose levels

    The brain needs glucose to function, so eating in the morning can improve memory, concentration, and overall cognition.

  2. Kickstart your metabolism and energy levels

    Eating gets your bodily processes going, which require energy. Your metabolism kicks in to burn calories to fuel your bodily processes.

  3. Regulate hormones

    Hormones are sensitive to what and how much we eat. Especially women’s hormones, which respond to changes in our energy intake, i.e. eating.

“Eating a large breakfast reduces hunger cravings, especially for sweets and fats thus counteracting weight gain,” according to Dr Kahleova. “Regular breakfast consumption seems to increase satiety, reduce total energy intake, improve overall dietary quality, reduce blood lipid and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.” But some breakfasts foods have a better impact on our bodies than others.

strawberry and yoghurt made from healthy breakfast recipes

What Foods Make The Perfect Breakfast?

While it is easier to reach for a cereal bar to-go, it probably isn’t the best breakfast option. A sweet pastry or sugary cereal isn’t the way to get all the healthy benefits of breakfast. Whole grains, protein, and fibre are much better ways to start the day off right.

  1. Oats

    Oats are packed full of fibre that helps lower cholesterol. Stay away from flavoured oats as they are usually full of sugar.

  2. Greek Yoghurt

    A plain, no-fat Greek yoghurt is best. It contains lots of calcium and protein.

  3. Fruit

    Full of a variety of vitamins and minerals, fruits are the perfect breakfast accompaniment.

  4. Eggs

    However you like your eggs in the morning, they’re very nutritious. Full of protein, vitamin D, and healthy, filling fats.

  5. Flaxseeds

    These nutty-flavoured seeds are full of fibre, antioxidants, and omegas-3!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Shop bought cereals tend to be loaded with sugar, salt and saturated fat. Try homemade granola instead that is high in fibre, protein, and omega-3.

Or try a smoothie…


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