Vitamins You Should Take To Every Festival

The countdown to Glastonbury is on, you’ve waited all year round and now the week is finally here! Wellies…check! Glitter…check! Tent…check! What about vitamins? They may not have crossed your mind when thinking about what to pack, but fall short of essential nutrients and you run the risk of sabotaging your ability to party in true Glasto style!

Take these essential vitamins and minerals during and after the festival to not only help boost energy levels but prevent the dreaded post festi-flu, helping you recover quicker ready for the next one!

So read on to find out our guide to what you should be taking for the healthiest festival season yet…


Benefits of Nutrigreens

  • Contains 22 superfoods
  • Natural way to boost energy
  • Rich in antioxidants (which is essential for the post-festival detox)
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake

When rushing from stage to stage, partying like there’s no tomorrow – getting your five a day certainly isn’t at the top of your list, and no – cider doesn’t count (unfortunately). The struggle is real when trying to stay healthy at a festival, it’s quite frankly impossible. So we’ve simplified the problem and created a tablet that contains a blend of 22 fruit and vegetable extracts, along with super foods and whole foods such as Spirulina, Grape Seed and Green Tea Leaf – for a hassle-free way to boost your nutrient intake, leaving you feeling 110%!

Vitamin B12

Benefits of Vitamin B12

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Essential for brain health
  • Supports red blood cell formation
  • Reduces feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

A mixture of a lack of proper nutrients, lack of sleep and constant dancing (we hope!) can lead your energy levels to be depleted and fatigue to kick in. Making sure you stay on top of your Vitamin B levels is one of the most effective ways to prevent lagging early.  Vitamin B12 is water soluble vitamin which is essential for lots of important roles within the body, with its central role being in energy production. Due to it being a water soluble vitamin, B12  must be consumed daily to prevent the body from becoming deficient.


Fight Fatigue Multivitamin Bundle

Benefits of The Fight Fatigue Bundle

  • Contains B vitamins to boost energy levels
  • Packed with detoxifying antioxidants
  • Reduces feelings of tiredness & fatigue
  • Supports the immune system

Our fight fatigue multivitamin bundle is the ultimate festival essential. It contains 3 unique, energy boosting, nutrient loaded blends from our super strength multivitamin range. Feel A-C-E is our detoxifying antioxidant blend containing vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium designed to support the immune system and protect the body against stresses caused by free radicals.  Wakey Wakey contains a combination of Vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid and Chromium designed to that spring in your step by reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue. And finally, Hocus Focus, containing B vitamins, Grapeseed Extract and Vitamin D3 to keep you alert, full of life and ready to tackle whatever the festival may bring!

Other essential nutrients include; Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 to keep the immune system in fighting fit and Magnesium to support energy levels, nervous system function and to keep your mood high during your post glasto-blues!

A final and possibly the most important nutrient is water – make sure you stay hydrated throughout, you’ll not only notice a difference in how you feel, your skin will look great too!


If you would like some more nutritional advice, speak to one of our nutritionists on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where we’d all be more than happy to help! Have a fabulous festival whichever one you’re going to!

Adam Barrett

Adam Barrett

Resident Health and Fitness Expert