What Is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, otherwise known as Indian Ginseng, is a well known adaptogen used in traditional Hindu culture. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this popular herb.

What Is An Adaptogen?

Adaptogens are herbs which possess unique properties that can help to combat stress symptoms. Adaptogens have been prized in traditional medicinal practices for many years for their calming and restorative effects, with benefits ranging from boosting mental clarity to improving sleep.

How Do Adaptogens Work?

Adaptogens have a broad, non-specific effect and work on multiple body systems at once. In technical terms, they are thought to help to control the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands, important elements of acute and chronic stress. Adaptogens also work to nourish the body’s immune system to offer support during times of stress and infection.

What Are The Benefits Of Ashwagandha KSM-66?


The best form of ashwagandha is a full spectrum extract like KSM-66.

Benefits include:

  • Improving resistance towards stress
  • Reducing the stress hormone cortisol
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Reducing high blood sugar and high cholesterol
  • Relieving insomnia
  • Supporting thyroid health
  • Enhancing immune health
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Boosting mental performance and memory

Will Adaptogens Help Me?

Adaptogens can be a great addition to your routine, especially if you’re looking for more support with a busy and stressful lifestyle. Tell-tale signs that you could benefit from adaptogens might include insomnia, irritability, brain fog, anxiety and fatigue.

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Sanna Atherton - Registered Nutritionist, MBA, mBANT, mCNHC

Sanna Atherton - Registered Nutritionist, MBA, mBANT, mCNHC

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