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Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin & Medication Interactions

Have you ever wondered if the vitamins you take interact with your prescription medicines?

Does the vitamin C you take interact with Warfin? Or does your magnesium supplement interact with your pill?

We come across questions like these every day. So we think it’s time that we answer your questions once and for all.

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Can Vitamin & Medication Interactions Happen?

Yes, sometimes!

Supplements are completely safe and they are strictly tested by governing bodies. They can be a convenient and effective way of maintaining your health, but interactions can happen between your supplements and your prescriptions. Some can increase the effects of your medication, others can decrease it. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take your vitamins and supplements – vitamins are essential and we need them for multiple bodily functions. But it does mean that we should take extra care.

Which Vitamins Interact With Which Medications?

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive list on which supplements affect which medications and vice versa. The National Institutes of Health have compiled an extensive fact sheet, (1) and Dr Tsai from the China Medical University has found that drug interactions are most likely to occur with St John’s Wort, Gingko, Willow, and Warfin. (2) But there is no complete list of interactions.

Why? Because our bodies are all different!

What Should You Do To Check For Interactions?

So what should you do if you’re concerned about vitamin & medication interactions?

Speak to your GP!

No matter what information you read online, you should always consult your own doctor. Your GP knows your medical history, they know your medication, and they can offer you personal advice. Everyone is different and we always advise checking with your GP before starting any new supplements on medication. We recommend:

  • Make a list of all the supplements you currently take
  • Make a list of all the medicines you currently take
  • Ask your GP/Pharmacist next time you visit
  • Always read the data sheet that comes with your medicines

Supplements are a safe and effective way of maintaining a healthy mind and body, but they should always be taken with care. Read the complete guide to the upper limits of the most popular vitamins, so you know what you can and should be consuming.

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Can Taking Too Many Vitamins Be Bad For You?

2018-04-09 16:51:15By Katie Lambert

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