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Our Wellness Wednesday Tips

Wellness Wednesday

A wellness routine is a great way to support your mental and physical health. Following some simple lifestyle tips can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.  

We’ve put together a guide to how we’ll be spending this Wellness Wednesday. 

Our Steps To Wellness  

1. Get Some Sleep 

If you find yourself dreaming of a nap all day, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can increase our risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. (1) During sleep our cells repair and our nerves reorganise to support healthy brain function. So, getting the recommended 8 hours really is crucial to our wellbeing.  

Staying away from caffeine can help to restore our sleeping patterns. Implementing an evening routine is great too, so try to get into bed at the same time each night and put your phone away long before you try to sleep.  


2. Exercise Outside  

We all know that exercising is important, but going outside can benefit our mood and lower levels of anxiety and stress. Plus, outdoors exercise can boost our levels of vitamin D, which is essential for our immunity and muscle health. 2 

3. De-stress 

Everyone feels stressed from time to time, but repeated episodes can have more physical effects than you might think. The tensing of muscles experienced during periods of stress can cause shoulder and back pain. Additionally, stress hormones can constrict our blood vessels in order to send oxygen to our muscles, increasing blood pressure levels.  

Meditation is a great way to combat stress. Taksome time out of each day to clear your mind and focus on your breathing 


4. Stay Positive 

Becoming a ‘glass half full’ person can have a huge impact on your wellbeingThe benefits of keeping a positive attitude range from boosting immunity, reducing stress and helping cardiovascular health.  

But how do you become more optimistic? Start each day with some gentle exercise, yoga can work well for this. Exercise releases endorphins that help you to feel good. End each day by taking note of something positive that has happenedThis reflection will help to appreciate even the smallest of victories. 

Our Wellness Bestsellers  

Support these life style changes with our favourite wellness products. These supplements are a great addition to your daily routine, and will support your wellbeing from within.  

Go With Your Gut  


Myvitamins Go With Your Gut capsules are formulated with healthy bacteria and chloride to support digestion. 3  


Retinol, or vitamin A, is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the beauty industry. Our Retinol Softgels are the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. 

To find out more about Retinol, take a look at our blog post.

What Is Retinol and What Does It Do?


What Is Retinol and What Does It Do?

2020-08-17 10:14:45By Katie Lambert

Goji Berry  


Our Goji Berry Tablets are a unique blend of vitamins to support your wellbeing. We’ve added vitamin C to maintain your immune health (6) and iron to combat feelings of fatigue. 7 

These simple tips are a great way to contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing. Support your wellness journey further with our supplement range.  To see all of the Myvitamins wellness products, click here.  

  3. Chloride contributes to normal digestion by producing hydrochloric acid in the stomach. 
  4. Lemon balm and chamomile can help promote and maintain healthy sleep in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. 
  5. Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, skin, and nails. 
  6. Vitamin A and C contributes to maintain the normal function of the immune system. 
  7. Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert

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