5 Reasons Why We Need To Embrace Textured Skin

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As the weather changes and it starts to get colder in the winter months, you may notice changes in your skin and complexion. The body adapts to each season, from harsh winds to sweaty days and our skin is constantly fighting to retain moisture, stay healthy and fight bacteria. But no matter what the time of year it is, textured skin can be a problem for a lot of people, and it is about time that we learn to embrace it.

Textured skin refers to the condition that the surface of your skin is in. It is usually rough, bumpy skin that makes the face look uneven. For example, blemishes, acne, scaring, etc. Whilst textured skin does not mean you are unhealthy, it can impact someone’s self-confidence. There are multiple causes for textured skin; however, the most common cause is a buildup of dead skin cells. Others include:

  • Sun damage
  • Pollution
  • Lack of collagen production
  • Acne scarring

Social media has created a stigma against textured skin, portraying it as a problem that needs fixing. But textured skin is normal. Everyone has pores, spots, dark circles, peach fuzz, etc. Most of the time, textured skin is not a concern, only for cosmetic reasons. We can normalise textured skin and influence everyone to accept our imperfections. No one is airbrushed or perfect, so it is completely normal to have imperfections and some visible texture as it is our natural beauty. We need to remind ourselves that:

Here are our best tips, designed for those who battle with self-confidence with their textured skin, to help you feel your best all year round.

Beauty Is Not Only Skin Deep

What you look like on the outside, does not determine what kind of person you are. Nor is it something you buy and apply in the morning. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, tall, short and all the in between. It is inclusive.

Selfishness and cruelty can make the most beautiful person seem ugly. Confident skin is not poreless and smooth. It has all your bumps and blemishes that makes you, you. It is a state of mind that comes from within.

Our Skin Is Our Largest Organ & We Should Embrace It

Your skin protects you. That is, it’s job.

It is the largest organ in the body and performs vital roles that are needed for our health. Without it, you would not be protected from germs or bacteria, your body temperature would not regulate properly, and your immune system would not be as efficient.

The Condition Our Skin Is In Can Reflect Our Health

The skin gives a massive indication to what is happening in your body. It mirrors what is going on internally and reflects externally.

A diet full of vitamins is essential for your internal health. Myvitamins Multivitamins Gummies are a strawberry-flavoured, convenient source of ten essential nutrients that are the perfect addition to your daily routine. Formulated to help support the maintenance of your skin (1), they are also designed to keep you feeling healthy inside and out.

Your Imperfections Are What Makes You Who You Are

Imperfections make you, you. They are unique to you and if you don’t learn to embrace them, your self-esteem can be affected.

Instead of hating your flaws, learn to realise that you are not yourself without them. Life is too short to hate what you look like – you will never be happy if you don’t learn how to embrace your textured skin. Remember, your textured skin doesn’t define you, no matter how bad you think it is. It is about time we break beauty standards that make us insecure about our skin – replace our insecurities with self-love.

When You Love Yourself, No One Can Convince You Otherwise

Embracing your imperfections is how you can love yourself better. There is no reason as to why you should spend so much time changing things that make you, you.

Take Home Message

Throughout your life, your skin will constantly change. It will see bad days and it will see good days, and that is normal. Your skin is not only unique to you, but unique to every other organ in your body. Today there is too much competition to have the best, most clear, and most fresh skin. Normalise having skin texture. Acne, Pores. It is all normal. Let’s embrace it.

1. Vitamin A and C contribute to the maintenance of normal skin

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