Soy Protein

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What is Soy Protein?

Ever tried a soy latte? Soy Protein is made from the same mighty bean, using a straining process which removes the majority of the fat and carb content, leaving just 90% pure protein non-dairy goodness.

Who should take Soy Protein?

Soy protein is the perfect alternative for vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerants and anyone who is looking for a natural and nutritious way to increase their daily protein intake.

Why should I take Soy Protein?

The high-quality protein content will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass and can help support you whatever your fitness goal. Protein takes longer to digest in the body, leaving you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer.

Soy is also a fantastic source of potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin-E, phosphorous and the full B-complex.

How To Take Soy Protein?

Drink it...

Add water and a milk substitute for a creamy shake or to a smoothie for a instant protein hit.

Cook With It...

Throw in with pancake mix, cereals, porridge and even casseroles for a super-charged meal.

Bake Off!

Make delicious soy protein flapjacks, cupcakes and breads to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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