Brown Rice Protein

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What is Brown Rice Protein?

Brown Rice Protein is made by grinding the grains and treating them with enzymes to separate the protein. One 30g scoop has the same amount of protein as a 500g of rice; that’s some powerful powder.

Who should take Brown Rice Protein?

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking to avoid specific allergens such as wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy and soy. Brown Rice Protein is a great natural alternative for anyone looking to up their protein intake.

Why should I take Brown Rice Protein?

With over 24g of protein per 30g serving Brown Rice Protein is a great source of vegetarian protein. Brown Rice Protein is also fantastically soluble; easy to mix and drink with no unappetising lumps. Low in fat and carbs, a great addition to a healthy diet.

How Do I Take Brown Rice Protein?

Mix with another natural protein source such as Pea Protein for a complete amino acid fix nutritionally comparable to animal protein.
Add to bakes and cakes, muffins and shakes for an extra protein kick.

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