Health Powders

Health powders are becoming a staple part of the daily routine of the health conscious. Versatile and rich in nutrients, Health Powders provide a convenient method for increasing the nutritional content of your diet.

Myvitamins Health Powders include a range of grains, vegetables, protein and amino acids which can be added to smoothies, juices or baking to give your food and drink a nutritional lift, ensuring your daily intake provides your body with the essentials it need to function to its maximum.

With a range that includes Whey Protein Plus and Milk Protein, myvitamins Health Powder range provides the options required to boost protein intake to support eh repair, growth and maintenance of your lean muscles mass. Whey Protein Plus packs 20g of protein into each 25g serving, In addition to this, Whey Protein Plus provides 14 vitamins and minerals to help you achieve your recommended daily intake while containing BCAAs to complete a comprehensive profile.

Myvitamins nutri-green options include the much revered Nutri-Green Powder, an effective supplement that can be added to smoothies and juices to boost your nutritional intake. Ideal for individuals struggling to achieve the recommended 5 a day, Nutri-Green Powder (Nutri-Green Tablets also available) contain the extract of 22 nutrient rich green vegetables for an all-round health boost. Alfalfa Powder is a rich source of trace minerals while also rich in fibre. This effective powder is the perfect addition to you morning juice to help support digestion and boost energy levels.

Our varied range of health powders includes an exciting mix of flours offering gluten free options for baking as well as high protein options. Kamut Flour is from durum wheat and packs a lean muscle mass preserving 15g of protein per 100g. This ancient flour is high in selenium, zinc and magnesium for further health benefits to immune function and the health of hair, skin and nails. Amaranth flour is made from ground seeds of the amaranth plant and offers a high fibre, gluten free baking option.

Further options including MCT Powder and Acetyle-L-Carnitine provide health benefits including potential boosts to energy levels by providing readily available sources of energy for the body to utilise.

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