Summer Refresher Ice Lollies

Ice lollies

Introducing our Summer Refresher Ice Lollies – a cooling addition to your inner-beauty routine. These tasty treats contain our Beauty Collagen Powder Stick Packs, an expert formulation of hydrolysed collagen and essential everyday nutrients. Our Stick Packs are made with real fruit juice and include vitamin C to support collagen formation, (1) biotin to promote health hair and skin (2) and vitamin B12 to fight fatigue. 3

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What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, found in our hair, skin, joints and more. As we age, our existing collagen breaks down and our ability to naturally create it decreases. Collagen supplements are a great way to support your levels from within.

Summer Refresher Ice Lollies Recipe

What You Need

  • 8 sticks of Myvitamins Beauty Collagen Powder (2 of each flavour: Mojito, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange)
  • 250-300ml of water
  • Garnish (optional): mint leaves, lemon wedge, orange peel, strawberries


  1. Add each sachet (12g) to 250-300ml of water.
  2. Pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
  3. Take out of the moulds and serve immediately.

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Rise & Shine Smoothie

2021-07-05 17:10:55By Katie Lambert

  1. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.
  2. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin.
  3. Vitamin B12 contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

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