our range

With such a vast array of products we've decided to categorise them into 6 separate ranges so you are better able to find the supplement you want. These product ranges are:

essentials range: includes single vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D that doctors or dieticians may advise you incorporate more of in your diet. Simply look for the product names which start with essential, such as essential zinc.

complete range: a range of All-in-One formulas that each contains a blend of synergistic ingredients that work together to fulfil a specific function such as improving sleep or better skin.

total range: consisting of individual ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, all in their most potent forms, this particular range is for those more knowledgeable customers who prefer to 'self-prescribe' with individual ingredients.

true woman: a comprehensive range of products precisely tailored to meet the needs of women throughout the various stages of their lives. So whether you're actively into sport or just require dietary support during a certain period in your life, the true woman range will have something for you.

alpha men: a selection of supplements purposely formulated for men of all ages to either address certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may occur over time or simply to boost health and vitality.

active kidz: contains supplements specifically suited to the needs of children and teenagers to aid their growth and development.