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Product Overview

What is Instantly Golden Cacao?

Instantly Golden Cacao from Wunder Workshop is a vegan friendly instant turmeric latte blend. This unique healing drink that is satin smooth is made with the finest organic turmeric which is then blended with raw cacao and vanilla

Why use Instantly Golden Cacao?

Inspired by Ayurveda medicine, Wunder Workshop’s products are based upon principals that focus on a preventative approach to health. Instantly Golden Cacao is blended to specifically maximise the bioavailability of turmeric, an ingredient used in traditional medicine. Wunder Workshop has added black pepper and coconut milk powder to further increase the potential benefits of turmeric.

Who can benefit?

Instantly Golden Cacao is a warming and deeply satisfying drink that all can enjoy at any time of day.

Key Benefits

  • Inspired by Ayurveda Medicine
  • A vegan friendly instant turmeric latte
  • Made with organic turmeric, raw cacao and vanilla

Suggested Use

Add one heaped tablespoon of Instantly Golden Cacao to hot water, add your choice of sweetener and whisk thoroughly.


Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Turmeric, Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Vanilla, Organic Black Pepper.

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WUNDER WORKSHOP Instantly Golden Cacao Vegan Turmeric Latte - 150g

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WUNDER WORKSHOP Instantly Golden Cacao Vegan Turmeric Latte - 150g
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