Find Your *Skincredible

When you feel your best, it shows in your skin. Feeling *Skincredible is about finding confidence from the inside out. What does *Skincredible mean to you? 

This Summer, we're sharing the stories of our customers, staff and ambassadors, celebrating their health and wellness journeys.

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Katie Piper, Myvitamins Brand Ambassador

We're proud to announce Katie Piper as our new brand ambassador. Browse Katie's top picks and find out more about her Myvitamins journey.

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Craig, Myvitamins Social Video Editor

"There have been times when people have called me too skinny, too dark or too feminine and that did knock my confidence. As I grew older and came out, my style and confidence developed and I learnt the art of not caring about others' opinions."

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Milly, Myvitamins Customer

"I feel my very best when I’m looking after myself both mentally and physically. This would involve ensuring I’m fuelling my body correctly with the right nutrients and vitamins."

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Aaliyah, Myviamins Brand Ambassador

"In terms of outer beauty I’d say my hijab makes me feel beautiful. It keeps me grounded and gives me a sense of belonging, of identity and self-respect greater than anything else ever has."

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Emma, Myvitamins Ambassador

"After having my babies my confidence took a huge knock, especially the first time around. It’s important to remember that no one is perfect, no one is truly happy with 100% of what they see in the mirror. Give yourself some grace and be kind to yourself always."

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