Katie Piper Shares Morning Routine And More | Ambassador Q&A

Katie Piper is a TV broadcaster, campaigner, charity founder, and mum of two. Across both books and television, her work is about supporting people to find their confidence and feel beautiful in a way that’s more than skin deep.

And since 2022, she’s also been an ambassador for Myvitamins – helping us continue to make wellness simple for our community.

We jumped on a call with Katie for some quickfire questions on her daily routine and current Myvitamins faves.


Hi Katie! On a typical day like this, what does your morning routine look like?

So I’m very much a morning person […] a typical day would be a 5am alarm. I’ll wake up and have water, a black coffee and myvitamin gummies. Then I go running with my neighbours, we just do a 5k together.

And when I get back, I get the kids up, have my breakfast, and take the rest of my vitamins.

It’s very structured and everything has to run to time – I don’t ever hit snooze!

Which Myvitamins supplements are you loving at the moment?

I take Turmeric and Ginger, the Sea Moss and the Hyaluronic Acid Gummies after food in the morning. And a real everyday one for me is the Coconut & Collagen Capsules – I do notice a difference if I skip it! I find the collagen really helps with my skin’s elasticity and hydration.

I also take Zinc & Magnesium every day and I call those my gym supplements because magnesium’s really good for tissue repair and tiredness.

Katie Piper Introduces Our New Wellness Gummies

Health & Wellness

Katie Piper Introduces Our New Wellness Gummies

2024-02-21 10:02:41By Eleanor Taylor

Alongside running, what are your favourite ways to workout?

I do a lot of weightlifting […] I can actually squat my own bodyweight!

And this year I promised myself I’d take up a new hobby. So me and my husband have taken up reformer Pilates, and that’s really helped my flexibility and my core.

Do you prefer a podcast or a playlist?

That’s tough! In the gym I start with a podcast, I make sure it’s a 30 minute one so I stay on the stepper for 30 minutes.

Then when I go and lift weights, I have really aggressive rap music on to show I mean business! [laughs]

What’s your favourite self-care activity at the end of a long day?

It’s probably sleep […] I do notice that everything is just harder if you haven’t slept.

Skincare is also something I can’t really skip. Skincare for a lot of people isn’t vanity, it is self-care, and I do think self-care is really important. I mean it shouldn’t be seen as frivolous or overindulgent – it’s just good to look after yourself.


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