The Beauty Benefits Of Coconut & Collagen

One of the reasons that your nails are brittle, your hair is dry, and your skin is troubled acne or wrinkles might be that you’re lacking in certain nutrients. Coconut & collagen is a supplement that can help to solve this nutritional deficiency.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘beauty starts from the inside out’Well, it’s true. Nourishing your body from within, using the right nutrients, can help to prevent signs of ageing.


What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of these nutrients. It is a protein that is found naturally in the body, in our bones, hair, skin, and nails. It makes up 80% of the dermis, or inner layer of skin, and is responsible for the giving skin elasticity of our skin. Without it, wrinkles would form every time we smile or frown.  It has become a hot topic in the nutri-cosmetics world recently, causing an explosion of collagen ‘beauty drinks’, snacks, and supplements. But not all collagen supplements are created equally. Collagen is hard to digest and isn’t absorbed well into our body. Hydrolysed collagen is more effective because it is easier for our bodies to absorb. So if you’re looking for a collagen supplement, make sure it contains hydrolysed collagen.

How To Take Collagen Supplements: Your Questions Answered


How To Take Collagen Supplements: Your Questions Answered

2019-03-06 19:12:06By Katie Lambert

So What Does Collagen Do? 

  • Preserves skin firmness
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improves joint health

Why Use A Collagen Supplement?

But over time, the amount of collagen in the body decreases. This starts to show through signs of ageing. Boosting collagen levels within the body is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young, fresh and healthy. One way to do this is supplements. When absorbed in the body, collagen supplements are broken down into amino acids, which help to stimulate more collagen to be produced in the skin.


What Is Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a natural ingredient that has a popular place in hair and beauty products. As such you’ve probably heard all about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil. It contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are a type of fat which is readily burned by the body.

3 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil


3 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

2021-03-19 14:00:54By Katie Lambert

So What Does Coconut Oil Do?

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Readily absorbed source of energy
  • Increases weight loss

Why Use A Coconut Oil Supplement?

Coconut oil is easy to use in cooking. However, it can be difficult to obtain enough through your diet to see its benefits. As a supplement, your intake can be controlled more precisely. Studies have also shown that coconut oil supplements can help hydrate the skin to reduce dryness and the onset of wrinkles.


What Is Vitamin C?

Another important nutrient for your hair, skin, and nail is vitamin C. Beacuse it is a water-soluble vitamin, we need to consume it every day. It is well-known for its benefits on your immune system, but vitamin C also plays a role in maintaining the health of your hair, skin, and nails. It plays a fundamental role in collagen formation, it adds hydrogen and oxygen to amino acids, resulting in collagen synthesis. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant which helps protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are essentially unstable electrons which try and disrupt healthy cells by stealing their electrons. It’s this process which damages the skin’s cells resulting in premature skin ageing.

An Introduction to Vitamin C

Health & Fitness

An Introduction to Vitamin C

2016-04-20 13:43:11By Lucia Pedraza Alonso

What Does Vitamin C Do?

  • Protects cells against oxidative stress
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids iron absorption.
  • Reduces feelings of tiredness & fatigue

Why Use A Vitamin C Supplement?

Vitamin C is present in some of the food that we eat. But we don’t always get enough of it on a daily basis. A supplement can help to make sure our bodies get enough of it to see the benefits. And we don’t have to worry about having too much because, as a water-soluble vitamin, whatever our body doesn’t use is removed in the urine.


Coconut & Collagen

Our Coconut & Collagen supplement combines all three of these important nutrients into one, easy-to-take capsule. It contains:

  • Vitamin C 100%
  • Coconut Oil 500mg
  • Hydrolysed Collagen 500mg

It can help to support your natural collagen levels, protect your skin from oxidative damage, promotes elasticity, and fights premature ageing.


Beauty Benefits Of B Vitamins

The complex of B Vitamins can add a little extra support to Coconut & Collagen. Find out how here:

Beauty Benefits of B Vitamins


Beauty Benefits of B Vitamins

2019-01-23 11:27:36By Katie Lambert

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