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An Introduction to Vitamin E

An Introduction to Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which means it helps to protect your cells from damage. It fights potentially harmful free radicals, which can damage cells, leading to everything from low energy levels and dull or dry skin, to general fatigue, minor illness and major diseases.

Strong bones also owe a little debt to vitamin E, and elderly people especially can benefit from supplementing with vitamin E. That’s not to say that even as a young sprite you can’t benefit from this great vitamin, though. Vitamin E contributes to stronger immunity and more stable energy levels. All-round, if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy now, and well into your old age, it pays to get vitamin E on your side early.

What are free radicals?

Molecules like to be stable, in the sense that they like to have the correct number of protons, neutrons and electrons in their mix. Free radicals are unstable, they lack certain electrons. Free radicals will bumble around your body, bumping into other, stable and healthy molecules, stealing their electrons. This process of stealing an electron or two, turns the healthy molecule into a free radical, kicking the whole cycle off again, in a chain reaction which can do damage to your cells, and health.

What is vitamin E good for?

  • Combating oxidative stress (fighting harmful free radicals)
  • A strong immune system
  • Stable energy levels
  • Strong bones

Vitamin E is also known as:

Tocopherols, Tocotrienols

When and how much should I take?

Take one Vitamin E softgel per day with food.

Sean Brassill

Sean Brassill

Writer and expert

I have always been a big advocator of a healthy, active lifestyle. Despite this I have previously struggled with my weight management due to an overzealous love of food and poor understanding of nutrition. In the last 5 years however, through sports and the industry I work in, I have developed a much better understanding of how nutrition and supplements can influence the mind and body. Now I am much happier with my weight and currently in the process of training to compete in my 1st triathlon. I use supplements for many purposes ranging from enabling me perform at my best at the office to reducing some of the unwanted symptoms from the knee reconstruction surgery I underwent 2 years ago!

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