How To Use Collagen Powder: The Best Collagen Recipes

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Collagen comes in all shapes and sizes from tablets to powders, to drinks to creams. But they all share the same ingredient: collagen peptides. On their own, these collagen peptides have no flavour or texture at all, meaning they can be added to everything from hot coffee to cold puddings. That’s why an unflavoured collagen powder is a great ingredient to use in collagen recipes for porridge or smoothies. But collagen recipes can also call for and be better by using a flavoured powder.

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 How To Use A Flavoured Collagen Powder 

Flavoured collagen powder has all the versatility of collagen peptides with added flavour!

Our new Flavoured Beauty Collagen Powders comes in four popular flavours: Tropical Crushin’, Fruit Sherbet, Cola Cube, and Peach Heart. They are specially formulated by our in-house nutritionists to be a delicious way to promote beauty from within. That’s because each of these deliciously flavoured powders contains a blend of hydrolysed collagen peptides with added vitamins and minerals that help to support the health of your hair skin and nails.

You can mix our new collagen powders with 800ml of water for a deliciously refreshing, cordial-type drink. Or you can use it as an ingredient in one of our collagen recipes. For the best results, try consuming 10g a day, either as a drink or in your recipe.

Not sure how to use your new collagen powder as a drink, or want some inspiration on how to get creative with collagen recipes? This blog includes everything you need to know about how to take our Beauty Collagen Powders.

How To Use Collagen Powder As A Drink

How Do I Mix the Beauty Collagen Powder?

Our Beauty Collagen Powders are formulated to be mixed simply with cold water. We recommend adding 10g to 750-800ml of water. Alternatively, if you prefer to consume twice a day, simply half the dose of Beauty Collagen Powder to 5g and add to 400-450ml of water.

The amount of water you add to your collagen powder will not affect the benefits, so if you find the flavour a little too sweet simply add in some extra water!

When Should I Take My Beauty Collagen Powder?

We know that work, school and socialising can get in the way of taking time over your beauty routine. That’s why MyVitamins Beauty Collagen Powders can be enjoyed at any time of the day – just mix with water and off you go!

How Often Should I Take My Beauty Collagen Powder?

To maximise your results, we recommend having a glass of our Beauty Collagen Powder a day consecutively for at least 30 days. The effects of taking a collagen supplement build up over time, and people that take it consistently are more likely to see boosted, bright skin!

If you want to find out more about how collagen works and have your questions answered, head to our ‘’How To Take Collagen Supplements’ blog!

How To Take Collagen Supplements: Your Questions Answered


How To Take Collagen Supplements: Your Questions Answered

2021-05-10 09:00:06By Katie Lambert


How To Use Our Powder In Your Collagen Recipes

Get Creative: Collagen Ice Lollies  


collagen recipes image - unfrozen collagen ice lollies

Our Beauty Collagen Powders are not only great for your skin, hair and nails, but they also taste delicious too! Why not get creative with your collagen powder and make these Collagen Boosted Ice Lollies? These Ice Lollies not only taste great but are packed with a collagen beauty boost to make you feel great!

What you need:

  • 5g MyVitamins Beauty Collagen Powder
  • 400-450ml water
  • Ice Lolly Tray
  • Large Jug


  • In a large jug, add the water and Beauty Collagen Powder and mix thoroughly until fully blended.
  • Carefully pour the collagen blend equally into ice lolly trays and place in the freezer overnight.
  • Remove carefully and enjoy!


#BringBackSummer: Collagen Powder Cocktails


beauty collagen powder cocktails - collagen recipe

As Spring is now finally here, we couldn’t resist mixing up our Beauty Collagen Powders into deliciously fruity cocktails. If you have the girls round for Ladies Night, these Collagen Cocktails are sure to impress!

What you need:

  • MyVitamins Beauty Collagen Powder, assorted flavours
  • Cocktail Glasses (why not use different style glasses for different flavours!)
  • Ice
  • Fruit (oranges, lemons, strawberry or pineapple) – to garnish


  • Mix your Beauty Collagen Powder thoroughly
  • pour over ice and serve with your choice of summery fruit garnish
  • Add frozen berries instead of ice cubes for maximum fruity flavour

If you want to make your own Tropical Collagen Daiquiri, why not try blending Tropical Crushin’ with crushed ice?


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