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How To Stay Young: The Magic of Inulin

We are becoming more preoccupied with staying young. With ‘miracle’ creams and ‘youthful’ serums, the anti-aging dream is becoming oh-so-tangible

Thanks to the BBC programme ‘How To Stay Young’ inulin has made its way onto the ‘anti-aging’ list! But what is it, and how can it help to combat the age-old war on wrinkles?

How To Stay Young

The BBC programme explored how science could help us to overcome the signs of ageing. Presenter, Angela Rippon explains it is her “definitive guide to how science can help us stay young and healthy for longer”.

After a full body ‘MOT’, she looks at ways to keep her skin looking young, her brain activity, and her body fit. One of the solutions she  tried was Inulin.

Rippon's internal fat made her a "puzzle" for doctorsAngela Rippon (Sourced from The Telegraph/Credit: Andrew Crowley)

What Is Inulin?

Inulin is a starchy and fibrous carbohydrate that comes from plants. Pulses, lentils, bananas, chickpeas and even garlic are very rich in inulin, which – being low in calories and full of fibre – is often touted as a waist-friendly health hero.

The Benefits Of Inulin

Inulin offers a wide range of health advantages:

  1. Angela Rippon mentioned that it plays a role in contributing towards the metabolism of fat
  2. Inulin is a prebiotic, meaning harbours good bacteria in your gut
  3. It also stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Sources of Inulin

As inulin is a natural product, it can be found in many plant-based foods like:

• agave (syrup)
• artichokes
• agave
• leeks
• wild yams
• bananas
• garlic
• asparagus
• wheat
• onions

With its cream-like consistency, inulin functions as a fat substitute in food products like salad dressings and margarine. It’s also becoming a common replacement for some flour in certain baked goods such as cakes and biscuits, being a fantastic binding agent and it’s also now commonly recognised as a versatile fibre which can be used in smoothies to make them thicker and more filling!

However, getting enough inulin from food can be a challenge and so inulin supplementation can help. In her documentary, Angela uses an Inulin powder, which can be added to shakes, smoothies, or food!

Adam Barrett

Adam Barrett

Resident Health and Fitness Expert