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How To Wakey Wakey Without The Morning Coffee

Do you want to hear a joke?

Decaf. Ha.

These days, our lives are so busy that we are perpetually tired. We’re ‘Generation Stress‘. We. Are. Tired. And although it might seem like a pretty good idea, we just can’t wrap ourselves in our duvets to hibernate all Winter.  So how do we cope? How do we manage to arrive at the office and stay awake for the next ten hours? Coffee. We drink coffee. That’s how we cope.

Coffee makes us human. In the morning you can find one of two commuters. The caffeinated and the un-caffeinated. The un-caffeinate are the ones who are yet to drink coffee but will inevitably do so when they reach the office. The caffeinate are those who have already dosed up with at least one cup of joe but will undoubtedly have several more when they get to their desk. Coffee is ingrained in our lives. We are a culture of coffee drinkers. Globally, NESCAFÉ is consumed at a rate of more than 4,000 cups every second! That’s because it makes us human. It gives us energy, it encourages productivity, it’s a social lubricant, and it gives us a nice chance to post another filtered hipster photo on Instagram. But do you know what it else does? It can make us crash. When the caffeine wears off we are back to square one. We’re tired, sluggish, and generally quite moody. After a while, there’s less espresso and more despresso. But how else are we supposed to stay energised? How can we function without coffee?


Wakey Wakey

When we’re low on nutrients, we can find ourselves reaching for the coffee more often. This is because there are certain things we need on a cellular level to function. When our bodies don’t have energy, neither do we. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s easy to pour another cup of coffee instead.

B vitamins can help. They convert the food we eat into glucose, which is our body’s fuel. Glucose is our energy. But when we don’t have enough B vitamins, we can’t make it so we become tired and fatigued. We know that coffee can temporarily make us feel less tired, but it does nothing to increase our B vitamins. If we increased the level of B vitamins in our bodies, our energy levels would increase with some longevity.

breakfast table with coffee and wakey wakey

Here at myvitamins, we created a special blend of nutrients that does just that. Wakey Wakey gives our body the energy that it needs. It contains a scientifically selected combination of vitamin B12 and B6 to carry oxygen around your body. It also contains pantothenic acid, otherwise known as vitamin B5, which helps convert food into glucose. Added chromium helps to maintain levels of blood glucose for our bodies to use as energy.

So coffee might cover up your tiredness for a while, but it doesn’t last. For long lasting energy, we need to deal with the problem. We need to give our body the nutrients it needs. It’s time to Wakey Wakey!


Concerns About Caffeine

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2018-05-28 17:33:33By Katie Lambert

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