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Taxes on takeaway mugs, extensions of the plastic bag charge, and a plastic free supermarket. These are all things revealed in the government’s 25-year plan for a greener future.

I’ll admit that it isn’t often that we talk politics in our HealthZone, but on this occasion, I’ll make an exception. Today the government announced that they want to be “the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than they found it.” They want to go plastic free, and I think we all know how long overdue that mission statement is. According to statistics, about 12 million tonnes of plastic litter enters the oceans every year.12 million tonnes. To put that in perspective, that’s 30 Empire State Buildings entering the ocean every year. That’s 3 Effiel Towers every single day. That’s a Grand Piano entering our oceans every single second.


Going Plastic Free

In her speech today Prime Minister, Theresa May, said: “our plastic waste ending up in our oceans and waterways, with one in three fish caught in the Channel containing pieces of plastic.” She admitted that “we look back in horror at some of the damage done to our environment in the past and wonder how anyone could have thought that, for example, dumping toxic chemicals into rivers was ever the right thing to do.” To combat the damage to the environment and wildlife, Mrs May had one goal: reduce. She vowed to be plastic-free by 2042. By eliminating plastic from our supermarkets and restaurants she wants the UK to be an environmental leader by eliminating avoidable plastic waste within 25 years.

But I think there is more to going plastic-free it than just reducing our plastic use…



We need to recycle.

Some European countries, like Switzerland, have adopted ‘bottle-return deposits’ to reduce plastic waste. It’s shown to improve plastic waste by up to 40%! That’s why all of our vitamins bottles are recyclable.  Yep, you can recycle every single myvitamins bottle. From Vitamin AK and everything in between, we’ve made sure every bottle is recyclable.


  from this…                                               to this…

You can recycle each and every one of your myvitamins bottles.



We can reuse and repurpose.

Our little bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Some big, some little. Some tall, some short. They size can make them useful for a range of creative things. We have them as pencil pots on our desks, or pots for our coffee in the kitchen. We even use them to grow plants in our windowsill! So whatever you do with your myvitamins bottle, don’t throw it away!

 reuse and recycle


We would love to see how you reuse and recycle our bottles. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your chance to be featured on myvitamins!

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