HVMN Ketones: The New Fuel For Our Bodies

HVMN Ketones: The New Fuel For Our Bodies

No fat, no protein, and no carbohydrates. HVMN ketones could be an innovative way to supercharge our bodies. So let’s take a quick look at these little molecules making big news.

Carbohydrates And Energy

The energy we get usually comes from carbs. We break them down into sugar or glucose, which our bodies use as fuel. And, when the carbs run out, we use fat stores instead. So we often turn to carb-rich foods and drinks to give us spikes of energy. But what if there was a better way to supercharge our body?

Ketones And Energy

When the body breaks up fat stores for energy, it releases ketones. These water-soluble molecules are produced when levels of glucose are insufficient and work to use the fat already stored by the body for energy. They energy they produce then comes from burning the bodies fat. This is process is the basis of the ketogenic diet. A restricted-carbohydrate diet encourages the body to turn to its fat stores for energy, which leads to weight loss. But wouldn’t it be easier to ingest those ketones directly instead of starving yourself of carbs?

Until now, this was impossible. However, research by HVMN and Oxford University has revealed that Ketone drinks give elite athletes a performance boost. Their study can be accessed here.


Absorption Of Ketones

But ingested Ketones are not as readily absorbed by the body. It may be useful then to supplement the use of ketone drinks with fatty acids like MCT. MCT is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in coconut oil, which enhances the production of ketones. More research is needed, but it could be beneficial to support ketone use and the ketogenic diet with coconut supplements.

HVMN Ketones

HVMN drink is quite literally human fuel. More information can be found here.

Sean Brassill

Sean Brassill

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I have always been a big advocator of a healthy, active lifestyle. Despite this I have previously struggled with my weight management due to an overzealous love of food and poor understanding of nutrition. In the last 5 years however, through sports and the industry I work in, I have developed a much better understanding of how nutrition and supplements can influence the mind and body. Now I am much happier with my weight and currently in the process of training to compete in my 1st triathlon. I use supplements for many purposes ranging from enabling me perform at my best at the office to reducing some of the unwanted symptoms from the knee reconstruction surgery I underwent 2 years ago!