An introduction to Moringa

Who says plants can’t be meatheads? If any leaf deserves the honour of plant powerhouse, it’s moringa. At 23% protein and packed with antioxidants, calcium, fiber and potassium, moringa is a supplements store unto itself.

A single serving of moringa, which, by the way, mixes easily with water, juice and smoothies, contains more vitamin C than seven oranges.

Moringa contains several other useful vitamins and minerals including:

Iron – which helps your body to build healthy red blood cells. An iron deficiency is marked by low energy levels and anaemia.

Calcium and magnesium – useful for maintaining strong and healthy bones, as well as clear skin and a properly functioning nervous system.

Vitamin A – helps to keep your eyes healthy, and protect your nighttime vision.

Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, which can help to flush away potentially harmful free radicals.

Vitamin K – used by the body to help with blood clotting.

Our moringa powder comes courtesy of Aduna, who also make a rather wonderful baobab powder. Moringa, in case you were wondering, tastes kind of like spinach. Aduna describe it as having simply a ‘green’ flavour. It’s 100% natural and organic, safe for children and free from refined sugar and other nasties.

The power of plant protein

Protein from meat is great – it contains all kinds of other vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc, and the fats are incredibly useful, as well. But, we are over-reliant on meat in general, and that has a negative impact on sustainable farming and on the environment, which ultimately spells bad news for us.

Supplementation with plant proteins like moringa, can reduce some of that burden, and offer new and healthy ways of getting protein into your diet, whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

What is Moringa good for?

  • Combating tiredness and fatigue
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Strong immune function
  • Stable energy release

When and how much should I take?

We recommend 2-4 teaspoons per day of Aduna Moringa Powder, mixed with water, tea or a smoothie.


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