5 Reasons Your Gin And Tonic Could Be Good For You

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It’s international gin and tonic day! If, like me, you love a G&T, then you won’t need an excuse to mix a glass in celebration. Chic and understated, a gin and tonic is perfect for any occasion: a first date; a work party; or even a hard day in the office. Gin is versatile. And we don’t have to feel guilty about our love for it. Gin is one of the healthiest spirits around! Consumed in moderation (of course), our favourite drink could actually be good for us. But why? What is it that Gin can do for our health that other alcohols can’t? Mix yourself a glass, take a seat, and let’s find out!


  1. May Improve Digestion

    The bitter herbs in gin may actually help digestion. They increase digestive enzymes and stomach acid to aid to break down food.


  2. May Keep Skin Healthy

    The natural ingredients in gin are antioxidants. They help to keep skin fresh and youthful by regenerating cells and eliminating wrinkles.

  3. Increases Herb Intake

    Gin is a smorgasbord of nutritious herbs. It is made of juniper berries, coriander, nutmeg, sage, and rosemary to name a few. These different herbs can be mixed to produce all types of different flavours. So, there’s a gin for everyone!

  4. Doesn't Have As Many Calories

    Gin contains about 97 calories, so it’s one of the least calorific types of alcoholic drink. We’ll drink to that!

  5. Fights Off Illnesses

    Juniper berries have many medicinal benefits. They are antimicrobal and antifungal, so they help to fight off infections. The oils contained in the berries even help to expel mucus, so a G&T is just what the doctor ordered!

Did you know that gin was used medicinally by the British Empire? Head over to to find out how gin and tonic became the Empire’s secret weapon!


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