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Why Beauty Sleep Is So Important

Why Beauty Sleep Is So Important

Beauty sleep is a real thing. No, seriously, it is. It’s science.

Think about it. Where is the attraction in dark circled eyes, sluggish thinking, and irritability? I don’t believe there is any. Sitting at your desk with dry eyes, unable to concentrate on the words in front of you doesn’t make you feel particularly beautiful. But this is what a lack of sleep does to you: it makes our eyes darker by altering the level of cortisol flowing through our blood vessels; it impairs our judgement by affecting our working memory, actually making it harder for us to think and process information; and it alters our neurotransmitters to mimic the symptoms of mood disorders. Now, that doesn’t sound very beautiful to me.


The Science Of Sleep

In our busy lives, it’s easy to stay up for just one more hour. Or maybe just two more… But hitting the hay an hour earlier can actually have its beauty benefits. Hormones and chemicals released in our sleep can help to restore, repair, and protect our bodies. In the first three hours we are asleep, our bodies begin to secrete growth hormones. These hormones, like collagen, start to repair and protect body cells such as skin and hair. At this stage, protein breakdown reduces and cell production increases, to aid the repair and growth of cells. REM follows in the following two hours, producing Melatonin. This is antioxidant affects our sleep cycles and the colour of our skin and hair. The deepest REM sleep occurs in the final 3 hours. This is where cells really start to repair, rebuild, and regenerate. So our cells literally renew and rejuvenate while we sleep.

Multivitamin: Beauty Sleep

But it can be difficult to get such restful sleep. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day and sometimes we just can’t switch off our minds. And don’t you think it’s exhausting trying to find a remedy. So here, at myvitamins, we’ve made it simple. We’ve created the perfect multivitamin to get you the sleep you crave! Our Beauty Sleep blend has been uniquely developed to aid peaceful sleep. Our secret formula includes lemon balm and chamomile to soothe you gently to sleep. It also includes magnesium, to reduce feelings of fatigue in the morning. We also added zinc to support the beautifying process for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

All you need to do to stop those restless nights staring at the ceiling is take two capsules about thirty minutes before you go to bed. It’s that easy. Sleep made simple.


A multivitamin and eye mask for beauty sleep
Getting a good night’s rest is pretty important. It really is beauty sleep. It keeps our cells young and, according to the science guys at British Medical Journal, people think that those who have more sleep appear more attractive. So, beauty sleep isn’t just a phrase. It’s science!



Beauty All Day And Night

Sleep is important to our looks! But other nutritional deficiencies can also affect our beauty.


Beauty Benefits of B Vitamins

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