Quick, Easy & Healthy Dinner Recipes

You might be wondering if there are any healthy dinner recipes that are quick and easy. Because when we come home from work we don’t really feel like cooking extravagant, healthy dinners and meal prepping for nutritious lunches. We know that’s probably what we should be doing, but we just don’t want to be. So how do we keep sane and keep our food healthy?

We might have learnt that what we eat makes a meal healthy, but we maybe don’t realise that when we eat has a big impact too. At different times of the day, our bodies need different nutrients. For example, we need more carbs after working out, and more fibre at breakfast to sustain our energy levels. So although what we eat is important, a healthy meal should listen to the nutritional needs of our bodies too.

What Foods Should We Include In Our Healthy Dinner Recipes?

For lunch, we need to balance our blood sugar. We need focus and sustained energy, instead of an energy spike followed quickly by a crash. If you’ve ever finished your lunch being ready for a nap, you probably didn’t eat the right type of foods. While carbohydrates can make us sleepy, and sugar can make us lose focus, protein will keep us alert and fuller for longer!

For dinner, we don’t want food that will give us excessive energy. So we need to avoid stimulants and sugar that will keep us up at night. Instead, foods that are high in Magnesium and L-Tryptophan will help our bodies to relax.


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