Black Friday Deals Are Coming To myvitamins

Black Friday. Why does it have to be BLACK Friday? Black is boring. Black makes us think of space, witchcraft, and some old, fanged guy who hates garlic. That’s no fun.  What’s exciting about that?

It should be exciting though! It’s a day of crazy sales, bargains, and retail madness that comes around once a year. Shoppers flood into stores, fighting over heavy discounts. It can get pretty physical. Maybe that’s why it’s called Black Friday.

Here at myvitamins that’s not what we’re about. We’re all about the excitement, but we don’t do pushing and shoving, and we don’t like crazed shopping. We certainly don’t do black. Take a look at our product range. Does it look dull to you? No, it’s not what we’re in to. We like colour! But we still want to give you a Black Friday. But it’s just not us.

Introducing Bright Friday!

Instead, myvitamins will give you Bright Friday! You’ll get colourful deals on vitamins for immunity, digestion, and energy. It’s health and wellness made even simpler.

Bright Friday. Well, doesn’t that sound way more fun! It’s a day full of colour, mystery, and vitality. That’s a lot more exciting, we think. We’ll give you the same crazy offers that you’ll find on Black Friday, but we’ll do it a little bit better. We’ll give you colour with deals on our vibrant vitamins. We’ll give you mystery with a surprise Snackbox. We’ll give you vitality with discounts on boosts from Beanies Coffee.

It’s Black Friday like you’ve never seen it before. It’s Bright Friday! We’ll put the fun back into, um, Friday…


Lucia Pedraza Alonso

Lucia Pedraza Alonso

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