5 Ways To Rescue Dry Skin

The cold winter weather can leave our complexion feeling dry and dull, especially if you’re not following a consistent skincare routine. From essential nutrients to lifestyle changes, here are our top tips for rescuing dry skin. 

1. Moisturise  

It’s important to moisturise the skin all over your body, not just your face. Use an ointment or cream rather than a lotion and look out for hydrating ingredients including shea butter or petrolatum. Don’t forget to use a lip balm to lock in lip moisture and prevent chapping, especially if you’re going out in cold weather.


2. Prevent Sensitivity  

Sensitive skin is characterised by irritation and redness which can made worse by dryness. If you struggle with sensitivity flare ups, only use products which are hypoallergenic and dye and fragrance free.  

The way you wash your skin is important too. Hot water can remove your skin’s natural oils so try to avoid long hot baths or showers. Afterwards, pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel and moisturise almost immediately to avoid any access moisture evaporating off the skin’s surface. 1 


3. Focus On Nutrition  

Beautiful skin starts from within, so you need to nourish your complexion from the inside with a healthy, balanced diet. Here are the nutrients which are especially important for skin health:  

Vitamin C is found naturally in both the epidermis and the dermis, the outer and inner layers of skin. This nutrient plays a key role in the maintenance of a healthy complexion as well as the formation of collagen in the skin. (2) A study in 2017 concluded that vitamin C supplements can support the skin’s barrier function and help to maintain water retention, suggesting that this vitamin is also important for preventing dry skin. 3

Omega 3 contains DHA and EPA, two essential fatty acids which can help to reduce inflammation on the body. According to Healthline, fish oil supplements can support the fatty acid barrier of the skin and boost hydration. 4

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-retaining molecule found naturally in the skin. Our levels decline as we age, but a supplement can help to boost your levels from within.  

4. Drink Water  

It might sound obvious but drinking water is essential for rescuing dry skin. Drinking the recommended two litres of water a day supports skin elasticity and limits sagging and the appearance of fine lines. Additionally, our water intake helps to balance the oil content on the skin’s surface, preventing clogged pores and acne. 5


5. Create A Routine  

Your skin thrives off a consistent schedule, but your routine shouldn’t stop at the skin’s surface. There’s a lot more to a healthy complexion than cleansing and toning, and this is where nutrition comes in. Rescue dry skin from the inside out with regular intake of essential vitamins and minerals and feel your best every single day.  

  2. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

Katie Lambert

Katie Lambert

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