Fran Halsall | A Day In The Life

Fran Halsall | A Day In The Life

Name: Fran Halsall           

Date of Birth: 12.04.1990

Height: 5ft 7

Occupation: Three time Olympic Swimmer. European Champion, Commonwealth Gold Medallist, World Silver Medallist.

Loves: Krispy Kreme, Blu the Snizzler

Meet Fran


I wake up at 7am, quite civilised considering I’m a swimmer, 5.30 starts used to be the norm.

Breakfast is a big bowl of porridge with Myvitamins Chocolate Whey Protein powder mixed in for added protein and a large glass of water.

I shop at my local Supermarket Booths. I think it’s a local supermarket to the North West but it has loads of fresh produce, it’s really good.

My typical diet is really good, I’m quite a keen snacker though. That’s not bad when I’m heavily training but when I’m trying to lean down I have to cut them out!

My diet tip is don’t cut stuff out completely or you will always crave it give yourself a treat day every now and again and then you always have something to look forward to.

I cant live without avocados, I love them!

3 foods I would take to a Dessert Island are Eggs, Haribo and Popcorn.

My top comfort food is baked Camembert at the moment just pop it in the dinner for after dinner. Yum!

My favourite drink, when I’m being naughty is a Gin and Tonic, but when I’m being good I love Coconut Water.

I swim twice a day. Once in the mornings for two hours doing aerobic work with a few sprints to wake me up! We always have a pretty solid harder anaerobic session in the evenings.

In between I snack on bananas, protein bars and items from my Myvitamins Snackbox! I get to pick the items in the next one and I’m really excited to get choosing from some new and exciting things.






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Sophie Angell

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