Skincare Saviours: The 4-Week Routine to Better Skin


The Skincare Routine: What’s Involved?

Whether you’ve got a special event coming up or you just need some TLC, our skincare tips will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for summer. This plan will help you to ditch make-up disasters and instead, find long-term solutions to combat tired skin, clogged pores and more.  

Commit to this skincare routine for a month, and your complexion will thank you.  

1. Cleansing is Key

It might sound simple, but cleansing your skin every night is the first step to a clearer complexion. Using a gentle, oil-based cleanser will break down dirt on the skin without stripping it of essential oils. Follow up the cleansing with a hydrating toner and then begin to apply moisturiser.1  

If you’re particularly spot-prone, adding extra vitamins and minerals to your diet can help to give your skin some extra love. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce irritation and redness on the skin. To find out more about the benefits of zinc against acne, take a look at our blog post. 

The Best Vitamins For Acne


The Best Vitamins For Acne

2018-11-19 10:05:22By Katie Lambert

2. Try Supplements to Support Skin Hydration

Staying hydrated is key to reducing ageing on the skin. Drinking the recommended two litres of water a day can hydrate the outer layer of the skin and reduce skin roughness and dryness. Dry skin can cause excess oil production and cause break outs.  

Which Supplements Can Help?  

Our Coconut & Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Bundle is a simple way to support your beauty routine from within. 


Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture retaining molecule found in the skin. Our levels of this decline as we get older, but supplements can help to restore the amounts of it in the body. According to Elle Magazine, Hyaluronic Acid holds ‘the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin.’ 2 

Collagen is an important protein in the body which gives the skin structure and strengthens nails. As we age, our collagen levels decline and this can result in dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. Myvitamins Coconut & Collagen Capsules are expertly formulated with minerals and coconut oil to support the condition of your skin. These capsules contain Vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen function and promotes healthy skin.3 

3. Prioritise your Sleep

Our bodies need sleep to repair muscle tissue and help brain function. Sleep deprivation can lower our cortisol levels, which affects the oxygen to our hair and skin follicles.  

Finding an evening routine can be exhausting, but it’s a crucial part of feeling refreshed each morning. Sticking to the same bedtime each night and winding down using relaxation techniques can help you to secure the suggested 7-9 hours of sleep.  

If you want to switch up your evening routine, try our Beauty Sleep Capsules. They’re enriched with herbs and minerals including lemon balm and chamomile. They also contain zinc which can support the health of skin, hair and nails.4 



4. Add Vitamin C  

Vitamin C is found in the outer layer of the skin and plays a vital role in the production of collagen. Boosting your Vitamin C intake can support the healing of the dry, damaged skin and in some cases can lessen the appearance of wrinkles.Vitamin C also supports the normal function of the immune system, helping you to stay on top of your health throughout the Summer months.6 


These steps are a simple but effective way to support your skin. This routine will let you focus more on cleansing, hydrating and refreshing your skin, for a clearer complexion all year round. Follow this guide for four weeks and learn to love your skin.  

What Is Collagen And What Does It Do For Our Skin?


What Is Collagen And What Does It Do For Our Skin?

2021-01-25 10:00:06By Katie Lambert

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