Tips for achieving a healthier glow, inside and out

Tips for achieving a healthier glow, inside and out

It’s June and we’re still missing the sun, which is no good for those of us who were looking forward to having a radiant, healthy glowing tan by now. There’s more to catching some sunshine than a beautiful bit of bronzing, though; all of that sunshine tops up your vitamin D levels, contributing to healthier skin and bones — some warm sunshine never did a good mood any harm, either.

But, we’ll have to wait. Until the sun finds a break in the clouds, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite supplements and vitamins, to help you put the radiance back into your skin.

Total calcium and vitamin D3
Two of the things we tend to lack if we spend too much time indoors are vitamin D and calcium. It’s not that we don’t get plenty of calcium from our diets, but vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, and without sunshine, it’s impossible for your body to make vitamin D — you have to eat foods which contain it, or supplement with it.

Vitamin D and calcium won’t give you a tan, but they will contribute to healthier looking and healthier feeling skin, so that you’re ready to go when the clouds eventually disappear.

Super vitamin B complex
The B vitamins are essential for keeping you in good working order, year round. Without them, your immune system would be shot, and your energy levels would plummet. You’d spend zero time outside having fun, and before you knew it, it’d be winter again. Boo!

Omega 3 Super
When it’s warmer, joints feel looser and exercise feels just that little bit easier, but to really take care of yourself from the inside out, we recommend supplementing with omega 3. These fatty acids will help take care of your joints, bones, skin and hair, so that the glow you’re looking for, goes deeper than just the skin.

MyProtein breakfast smoothie
High in protein and packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, including that lovely vitamin D3 we’ve mentioned, MyProtein’s delicious breakfast smoothie mix is just one more easy, healthy way of making that glow show, inside and out.

Now let’s all shake our collective fists at those clouds. Ready?

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