Do you need a Digital Detox?

Do you need a Digital Detox?

Do you have nomophobia; the fear of being without your phone?

Can’t remember the last time you had a conversation with someone during your commute?

Haven’t bought a hardback book in years?

Find yourself losing hours to your favourite social media channels?

If all this sounds scarily too familiar, it might be time for a Digital Detox.

Studies have found that on average we’re spending over 90 minutes a day on our phones alone, let alone other digital media! If our phones are taking up 23 days of our year, then combined digital media could be eating up months of your life. If you think time is flying by, it may be because you are losing it to Youtube or Facebook.

How we live and interact means in 2017 means it’s increasingly hard to go without digital devices for long periods of time. Our music is stored on our laptops, and our friends contact numbers are saved on sims as opposed to our memory. So how do we just “switch off”?

Read our favourite tips for ditching the digital and reclaiming those lost hours.

Snub the phub

Phubbing is a term to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favour of being on your mobile phone. It’s happening in homes, restaurants and bars all over the country. From just a quick check in when on date night to checking the football scores when in the bar with friends, it’s safe to say we are all guilty of it. However, by phubbing you could be unwittingly sabotaging relationships and friendships just through not being “in the moment” and giving your company the attention they deserve. Be mindful to switch off before you head out! Friends constantly on their phones? Suggest everyone puts their phone in the centre of the table, whoever reaches for theirs first pays the bill!

Checking into the gym? Whilst checking in works for accountability, try to turn your phone onto airplane mode during exercise and focus. If you can’t resist, why not buy a phone arm strap to allow your phone to be used for the sole purpose of motivational music for your workout… no snapchats!

Back to life, back to reality

Global internet users are spending almost 2hrs a day on the internet, with a high proportion of this being dedicated to “social media”, yet despite all this social media we are feeling lonelier than ever! Next time you see a funny meme that reminds you of a friend, why not resist and instead call and invite them to join you at your favourite exercise class one day next week? Most sports clubs and gyms will let you bring a guest and you get to work up a sweat and get a catch up in one swoop… it’s a digital detox double duty! Let’s remove the barriers that social media are building and bring it back the reality!

Hear it out

Likelihood is that when you go for a run or hit the gym, your headphones are as important as your trainers! Music gives motivation and an ideal distraction to a difficult workout but could you be doing more harm than good by shutting off? Our ears more sensitive during high intensive workouts due to increased blood flow, and so that heavy bassline may lead to damage. By removing the music you will not only keep away from damage, but also be more likely to focus on form, therefore improving the quality of your workout.

To take the detox even further, how about dedicating a couple of commutes a week to mindfulness, in that you go to work via public transport or car with no music just your thoughts. Politely strike up a conversation with the person who you saw reading a book you’ve been interested in, or plan your weekly goals! Take in your surroundings and just be “there” for the moment.

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