Best Active Holidays in Europe

Best Active Holidays in Europe

That does it, it’s just too unpredictable here to really make a go of a proper active, outdoor holiday.

Alright, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but if you’re feeling flush, and a trip abroad tickles your fancy, we’ve put together a few of our top picks for fit and fun holidays in Europe.

Hiking in Tenerife

What comes to mind when you think of Tenerife? Cheap package holidays? Gaudy cocktails and out-of-place British pubs? If so, then think a little further afield. This beautiful island has plenty more to offer, and it’s relatively cheap to get to.

There are plenty of tall, rugged mountains for you to tackle if you’re feeling super adventurous, otherwise, you can just take it easy and ramble through prehistoric rock land, under a glorious sunshine.

Flights in August can be had for less than £200 (from London.)

Surfing in Portugal

Portugal receives pretty consistent waves from the Atlantic, and because most things there are relatively cheap, it’s a great place to go on a group activity holiday. Peniche is great for surfing, and if you’re staying in Lisbon, you’ll need to hire a car, but the drive is pleasant and the views get more and more beautiful as the hills turn into rolling mountains.

Flights in August can drop as low as £150 (from London.)

Horse riding in Sardinia

Sure, you can ride horses here, but the balmy, sun-soaked beaches of Sardinia make this horse riding trek a completely wonderful experience. Not to mention all of the incredible local food, and the chance to top up your vitamin D supplies. Recommended if you’ve ridden horses a few times before.

Flights are less than you might think, at close to £200 in August (from London.)

Diving in Kas, Turkey

One of the best places in Europe for diving, thanks to the clear, warm Mediterranean waters. You’ll be able to take basics lessons there, and once you’re off, there’s a world of caves to explore, and plenty of colourful wildlife to see.

Flights will cost around £300 in August (from London.)

Scuba Diving in the Algarve

Again, forget the nasty package holidays and go independent. Find an AirBnB to rent, and take your time, dipping in and out of the wildlife-rich waters around Portugal’s southernmost point.

There are caves to explore if you’re feeling adventurous, or you can simply bob around on the surface and take in whatever life happens to pass you by down there.

Flights cost from around £200-250 in August (from London.)


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