5 Healthy New Years Resolutions

5 Healthy New Years Resolutions

If you’ve overindulged over the festive period (who hasn’t), chances are you’ve started to think about resolving to live a healthier life in 2017.

The average Briton consumes between 13,000 and 15,000 calories between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day (that’s more than double the recommended amount) and for many of us, the journey from the couch to the fridge is furthest we venture between now and New Year.

Here at myvitamins, we’ve compiled a handy list of the Top 5 Healthy New Years Resolutions so you can kick off a happier and healthier 2017.

1.Lose Weight

That old chestnut. After some serious festive indulgence, dropping a few pounds is on the top of the list for 2/3 of us in the UK. Despite our best intentions, nearly 63% of people admit to giving up on the diet by February the 1st.

To combat this, make sustainable goals, resolving to stick to the plan for at least 6 weeks in order to give yourself time to see a difference that will motivate you further.

2. Give up alcohol

Still suffering from a festive hangover from hell? Tee-total could be looking pretty good to you right now. Giving up the drink is such a popular resolution that 16% of adults in the UK took part in Dry January in 2016, with numbers predicted to double in the coming year.

Buddy up with your partner and you’re chances of success will instantly double.

3. Unplug

Find yourself reaching for your i-phone every time you have 2 minutes spare? You could be suffering from serious over-exposure to technology. Unplug by leaving your phone in a draw on silent for an hour each day and instead spend your time reading, meditating or talking to your loved ones.

4. Stress less

Who doesn’t want to dial down the drama in 2017? Work, family and friends top the list of stress-causing-catalysts. Try practicing the ‘7- 11’ breathing technique (breathe in for 7 and out for 11) whenever you can feel the mercury rising to lower your pulse rate and blood pressure.

5. Exercise more

It’s no secret that gym memberships triple in the 1st month of the year; suddenly your local workout spot is more densely populated than Tesco on Christmas Eve.

Think outside the gym this January, keep your eyes peeled for our January campaign for more alternative workout inspiration.

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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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