40 Things To Do Before You’re 40

40 Things To Do Before You’re 40


1. Get in the Best Shape of Your Life – Commit to getting in tip-top condition before the birthday hits.


2. Write a Letter to Someone Who Influenced Your Life– Tell him how much it meant and thank them for it too.

3. Buy a House – Be the king of your castle.

4. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant – Give Heston a visit and head over to the Fat Duck for Snail Porridge.

5. Live in Another City– For a week, a month or a year, immerse yourself in another culture and live the dream.


6. Learn a Second Language– You’ll Merci us later.

7. Sky Dive – Or Bungee. Just find out what it feels like to fly.

8. Fly First Class– Live the high life. Literally.

9. Learn to Dance– No Dad dancing here, thanks.

10. Go on Safari – Be King of the jungle for the day.

11. Explore the Ocean – Maybe the Bahamas rather than Blackpool, it’s warmer!

580x384-mv-wk24-jc-40-before-40-3412. See a Broadway Show – Give our regards whilst you’re there.

13. Go It Alone– Venture to the cinema, a bar or a restaurant solo and enjoy relish in the me-time.

14. Brave a Blind Date– Because Surprise, Surprise! It might just work out for you.

15. Conquer a Fear – Scared of spiders? Get a pet Tarantula. Well, maybe not…

16. Teach your kid to play football – And swell with pride when they score their first goal.

17. Live on £1 a day for a week -Teaches you to appreciate what you have in life.

18. Visit Paris – Eat cheese and drink wine.

19. Run a Marathon – Or a half marathon, or even a 10k. Everyone deserves a medal once in their life.

580x384-mv-wk24-jc-40-before-40-3220. Unplug from Technology Once a Day – Those work emails will still be there when you get back.

21. Keep a Diary for a Year – Write down something good that happened each day.

22. Ask Your Boss for That Pay Rise – Know your worth.

23. Learn to Play an Instrument – The theme tune to The Rugrats on piano doesn’t count.

24. Watch a Foreign Film with Subtitles – And feel smug in the knowledge you are now a superior being.

25. Develop Your Own Personal Style – Bin those slacks and stand out from the crowd.

26. Learn to Cook – Eggs and toast don’t count.

27. Sort Out a Pension Plan -You’ll thank us later.

28. Fall in Love – Just try not to get your heart broken.

29. Master a Skincare Routine – Not just for girls.

30. Go Vegan for a Week – You are still a man without the meat.

31. Read those Classic Books Everyone Bangs on About – Audio books count, right?



32. Watch Those Classic Films Everyone Bangs on About – Pulp Fiction anyone?

33. Go to a Music Festival – Try to avoid Portaloos and trench foot.

34. Give Blood – And sign up for the organ donation list whilst you’re at it.

35. Buy a Homeless Person Lunch – Buy two sandwiches and give one to someone needier than you.

36. Climb a Mountain – Get a view from the top of the world.


37. Buy a Really Nice Car – preferably pre-kids. Car seats don’t fit in Z-types.

38. Go to a Sorting Final – And pray to God your team win.

39. Set a Ridiculous Goal – Then head straight for it, no matter how unrealistic.

40. Just Get Started – The best is yet to come!


Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

Writer and expert

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