Our Top 6 Vitamin-Rich Recipes

Our Top 6 Vitamin-Rich Recipes

If you’re feeling like January has got you down, maybe you’re feeling super tired since coming back to work or simply don’t feel like you’re best, then we’re here to help.

Whilst we do sell vitamins online in our online shop, we’re also quite partial to vitamin-rich meals (yes, we own knives and forks here too!) which is why we’ve run down our favourite 6 healthy recipes which are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Pop on over to the blogs to get the full ingredient list and method and treat yo’self!

Top 6 Vitamin-Rich Recipes 

Vitamin A 

Sweet-Potato-Cinnamon-RollsNot only does Vitamin A give you healthy teeth, strong bones and beautiful skin, but it also protects against infections and can prevent night blindness.

Foods rich in Vitamin A include cantaloupe, carrots, and squash, but our personal favourite is sweet potato. Super high in Vitamin A and packed full of nutrients, check out Jenné’ from and try out her lovely vegan sweet potato cinnamon rolls for healthy recipe inspo.


Vitamin B 

wildsalmonparsnipmashEssential for nerve function, formation of red blood cells and maintaining a healthy brain, the B Vitamins (Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-9) are some of the most important vitamins for a healthy body. (Fun fact – did you know Vitamin B-12 actually used to be Vitamin F?!)

Poultry, eggs and milk typically contain lots of the essential b Vitamins, but one of the best foods for Vitamin B is seafood – and in particular salmon. Take a look at Sophie from and enjoy her delicious healthy salmon, parsnip mash & sautéed veg recipe for a nutritious dinner that’s so easy to whip up and will keep you full all evening!

Vitamin C 


A staple for all the detox enthusiasts out there, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which improves iron absorption, helps fight infection and also gives you nice healthy teeth to boot.

Although most people might assumption Vitamin C comes exclusively from oranges, it’s actually strawberries which contain some of the highest levels of Vitamin C. If you love strawberries as much as we do, take a look at Kate from and her amazing Strawberry Matcha Popsicles recipe. Made with matcha, oats, almond milk and lots of strawberries!

Vitamin D 



photo Maja Smend food styling Jennifer Joyce

Whilst the majority of Vitamin D you need is synthesised from the sun, chances of us catching even a hint of a glare is scarce during the winter months. That’s why getting your daily Vitamin D mainly has to come through Vitamin D supplements and foods rich in the stuff.

Boost your immune system and increase calcium absorption by tucking into helpings of Vitamin D-rich milk, eggs and seafood. A favourite of ours is definitely shiitake mushrooms, however, which are full of Vitamin D, and can also aid weight loss and reduce inflammation. Take a look at Jennifer’s yummy Miso Steak with Shiitake Mushrooms recipe over on her blog for a meal full of vitamins.

Vitamin E 


Vitamin E is up there with Vitamin C in protecting cells from critical damage, and also works with Vitamin K to repair muscle tissue. Foods which contain a rich source of Vitamin E include almonds, seeds, leafy greens, and bell peppers. For a real hearty Vitamin E punch, try our delicious Homemade Granola recipe which incorporates chunky almonds and two different types of seeds for a healthy protein-rich and vitamin E filled breakfast bowl!

Vitamin K


Vitamin K is the vitamin most essential for clotting the blood. While that doesn’t sound at all beneficial, it really is – without it you’d likely bleed to death from a minor cut, which wouldn’t be nicie! Leafy greens in particular are the best source of Vitamin K, so that includes swiss chard, kale, parsley, broccoli and, the best of all, spinach.

Spinach works in so many recipes and gives that extra hit of Vitamin K for a super nutritious meal. Check out Hedi’s gorgeous Zoodles with avocado and spinach sauce recipe over on her blog . Instead of carby noodles, this recipe spiralises courgettes and mixes in half an avocado, cashew nuts and a happy helping of lovely spinach.

We’d love to see your vitamin-rich recipes! Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us (@MyVitaminsUK).

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