Hair vitamins

Hair is important because it helps to keep your body at a healthy and consistent temperature, and protects the skin from dust, germs and other small particles. However, having glossy, luscious and healthy looking hair can also make a real difference to your appearance.

How healthy you are overall is greatly reflected in the condition of your hair so if you are feeling under the weather, have a poor diet or are going through a stressful time this can lead to damaged, dull hair that may grow more slowly than usual.

Besides a great haircut, healthy lifestyle and fabulous hair products, healthy hair vitamins are a terrific way to keep your tresses in top shape. Multivitamins such as Hair, Skin and Nails and Complete Woman and Complete Men are a convenient way to ensure that you are taking in optimum levels of all the key hair vitamins which are:

b vitamins

Of all the nutrients, the B vitamins have the greatest effect on hair health. Without them, the body is unable to synthesize new hair, and old hair is likely to fall out. They also provide essential nutrients for the prevention of grey hair, so upping your intake of this handy vitamin can keep you looking younger,for longer. Each nutrient (or B Vitamin) has a distinct function, however they all work together to maintain health and vitality. Essential Vitamin B Complex provides a synergistic and optimal blend of B Vitamins in one convenient tablet.

Vitamin B12 is one specific B vitamin which has beauty benefits, as it helps to regulate your skin's pigment production and location, preventing hyperpigmentation - the darkening of skin in certain parts of your body.

fish oils

The essential fatty acids found within Omega 3 fish oil are also renowned for their beauty benefits, helping hair to look shiny and healthy whilst actually increasing elasticity and strength. Omega 3 also assists with hair growth and caneven prevent or reverse hair loss. Omega 3 Super contains a minimum of530mg EPA and 90mg DHA per serving so helps to ensure you are taking in the highest levels of these essential fatty acids for both beauty and health benefits, while Krill Oil contains both Omega 3 fatty acids plus the naturally present antioxidant Astanxanthin, which has additional health benefits.

vitamin c

This vitamin, renowned for its antioxidant properties helps to promote healthy hair growth and also aids the prevention of various conditions which can damage your hair turning it weak and brittle. Vitamin C can also help to treat a variety of hair disorders which can damage your hair and affect normal hair growth including alopecia and male pattern baldness.

vitamin e

This antioxidant vitamin helps to build capillaries in your body and encourages blood flow which in turn encourages hair growth on the scalp, alongside protecting the hair from damage that may be caused by free radicals.


This essential mineral plays an essential role in the normal growth and development of your hair. Women are particularly susceptible to deficiencies as a result of menstrual blood loss, the increased iron demands of pregnancy and blood loss during childbirth. In addition a deficiency of this mineral is one of the most common causes of hair loss among pre-menopausal women.

These healthy hair vitamins along with a good diet, plenty of rest and limited stress are what it takes to have the glorious hair that you desire.

vitamins and formulas

Taking lots of different supplements can be expensive and not to mention confusing so many find it more convenient to take a vitamin formula which is tailored towards a specific goal or requirement. Hair, Skin & Nails makes the ideal supplement for those interested in nourishing their body with the nutrients required for a healthy appearance.