What Is The BulletProof Diet?

What Is The BulletProof Diet?

If you haven’t tried Bulletproof coffee yet, you may be missing out, although some may disagree, it’s an acquired taste. Freshly brewed coffee, plus coconut oil (officially MCT Brain Octane Oil) and grass-fed butter. That’s right, butter coffee. Why? Bulletproof Diet founder Dave Asprey says, that a low-carb, high-fat diet is the best way to bulletproof yourself against long-term illness and increase energy levels.

Ok, so that’s Bulletproof coffee, but what about the Bulletproof Diet? Well, remember how we mentioned a while ago that Whole30 Diet was basically the paleo diet? The Bulletproof Diet is essentially the paleo diet, too, only it goes several steps further, by cutting out almost sweeteners, as well as grains and legumes, limiting fruit to 1-2 servings a day. If you can stomach that, plus the suggestion that your diet should be mostly made up of high-quality fat from grass-fed meat, maybe the Bulletproof Diet is for you.

What’s ok in the Bulletproof Diet?

Grass-fed meat — Beef from cows who are fed on grass, not grains. The whole point of eliminating grains, according to Bulletproof, is to eliminate inflammation. Eating meat from cows fed on grains isn’t as bad as eating grains directly, but it’s not ideal either.

Seafood — Wild-caught, if possible. If not possible, find organic fish and look for oily ones like salmon and mackerel.

Organic fruits and vegetables — This is just good sense even if you’re not on Bulletproof. Studies have shown that organic foods usually are higher in key nutrients.

What’s not ok in the Bulletproof Diet?

Sugar — All forms. They’re very strict about sugar. No artificial sweeteners, no honey, no agave, nothing. Limit your fruit intake to 1-2 servings a day, too. Asprey recommends replacing sugar calories with high-quality fat calories.

Grains and legumes — The source of all that inflammation heartache. Ditch the cereals and pasta, and eliminate anything with gluten.

Homogenised/pasteurised dairy — It can be pretty difficult to find dairy that’s not pasteurised or treated in some way, but in an ideal world, you’d ditch that, too, in favour of raw.

Sounds tough and miserable, why would anyone do this? Mostly for health reasons. Like the paleo diet, the Bulletproof Diet promotes stable, fat-fuelled energy levels and can help to reduce systemic inflammation. A lot of athletes follow the Bulletproof Diet, since they find it helps them to perform better and recover faster.


  • Lots of protein and good fats
  • Diet is high in omega fatty acids
  • Low in sugar
  • Zero junk foods


  • Very unsweet, barely any sugar
  • Some may struggle to find variety
  • Can be a challenge to give up carbohydrates at first

As with most diets, or rather, nutritional lifestyles, Bulletproof works for some, and is terrible for others. If you’re someone who struggles with fluctuating energy levels and painful joints, give the Bulletproof Diet a whirl for 30 days and see how you feel. It won’t be easy, but, as Asprey says, “If you don’t make time to take care of yourself now – you’ll have to make time to be sick later.”

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