Think Outside The Gym | Football

Think Outside The Gym | Football

Think football is just for the lads? Think again.

Womens football has been gaining popularity over the last 10 years, and our girls have got some serious skills.

We sent our myvitamins ambassador, Fran Halsall to meet the Doncaster Rovers Belles to find out what happens when you take an Olympic swimmer out of the pool and onto the pitch.




What is it?

Football is the most popular sport in the world, watched and played by more people than any other. The beautiful game can be played a variety of different ways; from the traditional teams of 11, to indoor and outdoor 5 a-side.

Whether you’re playing on a full-sized pitch or using your jumper as the goal, football is a great team sport accessible to all ages and abilities.

Why Football?

  • Played as part of a team, great way to meet new people
  • Can be played all year round, for little or no cost
  • Aerobic sport, improves lung and heart health
  • Tones muscles in legs and core
  • Builds up fitness and stamina


  • Ball
  • Goals
  • Trainers
  • Kit *if playing at a higher level

How much does it cost?

From absoutely free in your local park to around £6 per person for a weekly kick-about on a hired pitch.

Get involved

Visit www.thefa.com/womens-girls-football/get-involved to find out how you can join a team near you.

The Doncaster Rovers Belles

Founded in 1969, the Belles are one of the UK’s top women’s clubs, having won the FA Women’s Cup six times and the Women’s Premier League National Division twice. Find out more about the Belles here. 

What supplements will I need?

Read our blog on the best Supplements for Football here.



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Sophie Angell

Sophie Angell

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