Mudder Nature’s Toughest Challenges

Mudder Nature’s Toughest Challenges

Tired of the same old morning gym routine and want to share something more meaningful with your friends and colleagues? Many UK-based endurance events are giving you the chance to get involved with charity and become fighting fit at the same time – so you can give your body (and your heart) that warm fuzzy feeling. The myvitamins family did some digging on some of the most popular endurance events happening around the UK in 2016 – so you don’t have to! Let’s check out a few of the most revered (and feared) by many around the globe…

Tough Mudder

It’s the burning question on everyone’s lips: really how tough is this Mudder of an obstacle course? While it might be slightly more forgiving than your own mother if you’ve forgotten her birthday – this beast of a race comprises a true get-up-and-go series of events to really pack a physical – and mental – punch!

With a range of options and events happening all over the UK, from Scotland to the North West and South London areas, the chance to get motivated, build team spirit and getting into shape are uiniversal to all and real rallying forces – capacity is almost always as exhausted as its participants upon finishing (if you get that far!)

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a true Man (or Woman) of Mud? Get involved here.

Survival of the Fittest

Run, climb, swim, lift and crawl your way to achieve your ultimate fitness goals with friends and family. Parading as one of the UK’s ‘toughest challenges’ rather than a race, Survival of the Fittest is a team building and tough exercise regime to boot, invigorating your spirit and coating you and your teammates in comradery and mud.

The specifics: challenges include ‘Man Vs Lakes’, a new entry for 2016 which takes you on a roller coaster running route, bringing you to the foot of England’s most famous lake. Runstock is another subdivision of Survival of the Fittest and packs a 5k lapped course into a glorious summer festival setting that’s bound to awe even the toughest of champions among us!

Show Darwin what you’re made of here.

Tough Guy

Can you see the sun? Or is all a cruel mirage? Described as ‘the only course in the world designed to remove your Bravado and courage and give it to the girl behind you!’ Tough Guy sets the scene of a herd of stallions chasing the masses, with the only escape route being an expansive and revered obstacle course. Run, swim, climb, grip, duck and dive your way beneath razor wire, with no time to look back! Narrow tunnels, high climbs, low visibility and barbed wire crawls characterise this toughest of routes in one of the toughest of races.

Find out more about how to get involved.

Top Tips

  • Waterproof socks are an absolute essential! Particularly for Tough Mudder/Guy – where getting dirty is 100% unavoidable
  • Don’t forget those base layers to keep you warm – you won’t regret it!
  • Avoid cotton like the plague
  • Don’t buy new trainers – wear old ones which you’re happy and prepared to throw away

Quote from a Champion

“You join a community when you complete a Tough Mudder. Whenever I wear my tough mudder t-shift for bootcamp or a run, fellow Legionnaires come up to me and start talking about their Tough Mudder experience! The best things about Tough Mudder are the team work and sense of achievement when you complete the course. Looking back at the obstacles the sense of accomplishment was amazing, and knowing that we did it together made it all the more rewarding – no man was left behind, we started as a team and finished as a team! Also getting zapped by the electroshock isn’t that bad!” – myvitamins own Amanda Ashman

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