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An introduction to Chromium

An introduction to Chromium

Whilst not a replacement for prescribed medication, some diabetics also supplement with chromium, since its main function in the body is to regulate insulin.

Insulin regulates blood glucose, or blood sugar levels, which if left unchecked, can raise to dangerously high levels. Normally, insulin does a fine job of keeping your blood glucose levels within a certain range. You might feel a little bit drowsy or especially energetic every now and then, but on the whole, if you’re not diabetic, your body’s own insulin will keep you in check.

Insulin, though, is a hormone, and like all hormones, if something is out of balance, levels go astray. While insulin is busy regulating blood glucose, chromium is busy regulating insulin. Chromium is an essential mineral, which means our bodies don’t make it, we have to eat it, or supplement with it. You’ll find trace amounts of chromium in whole grains, but for ease and complete control, a supplement is often the way forward.

Why are stable insulin levels important?

Some people eat according to a ketogenic diet, which forces the body to make use of fat as its main source of energy. For most of us, though, carbohydrates are our main source of energy. Carbohydrates are made from sugars, which in order to provide energy, need to be broken down. Insulin’s job is to break down carbohydrates, so that they can be absorbed by cells for use as energy.

Without insulin, these carbohydrate sugars would build up in your bloodstream. That’s bad for a couple of reasons: You’ll be chronically fatigued, and you’ll be at risk of the complications which come from having too much sugar in your bloodstream, including systemic inflammation.

Having properly regulated insulin levels helps to keep energy stable, and inflammation at bay.

What is chromium good for?

  • Regulating insulin levels
  • Stable and appropriate blood glucose levels
  • Stable energy levels
  • Some diabetics supplement with chromium with positive results

When and how much should I take?

Take one MyVitamins Chromium tablet per day with food.