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6 Habits Of Successful People

6 Habits Of Successful People

Habits, good or bad, we all have them. From arriving early to forgetting names, habits manifest themselves into a whole manner of ways and soon enough become characteristics and traits we are remembered for. Studies suggest that it takes 21 days for a regular action to become a habit. While the mere mortals of us are catching on their z’s, the habits of the most successful people start before most people’s alarms go off so, what are the top morning habits that really successful people forming?

Go get ‘em tiger!

As you head into 2017, draw inspiration from the good habits of highly successful people (I know I will be) to help you create a life that’s full of action and accomplishment… all before lunchtime!

Sweat > Sleep

Now, this one is exceptionally tough in the winter, when the mornings are dark and cold, but the most successful people are making time for their exercise sessions and are typically doing so in the morning. Your metabolism will be boosted, your mood will be lifted and you will have accomplished an evening “task” by 8am… how awesome are you going to feel! Eat a light breakfast beforehand such as a banana, or some porridge and you will be raring to go!

Map out the road ahead

The most successful people aren’t ploughing into their day blindly. They are setting themselves a checklist as to what they want to get out of that day. Try this yourself by setting 3 “must do” tasks to get through during the day. If distractions arise then you know to always return back to your “must do” tasks.

Keep it current

Yes, we know the news can often be doom and gloom but more often than not the most successful people are getting on top of the days current affairs. You will be knowledgeable of what is going on in the world around you and even have great conversation starters that stretch beyond the usual “isn’t it cold out” and if being a smarty pant show off isn’t your style… most pub quizzes are based on the news of the week so you will be the number 1 team member amongst your friends.

Dine Like A King

So many of us are guilty of this, hitting the snooze button one too many times and having the fly out of our homes in order to be at our desks in time… not sparing a single thought to the body that is ravenous! It’s when we are sat at our desks that our stomachs growl and we grab whatever is closest… or worse, pass it off and wait until lunch! Bring your stomach out of its hunger strike and dedicate some time in the morning to a hearty and healthy breakfast! Eggs are a perfect start to the day as they are packed full of good fats and protein so will keep you full till lunchtime.

No time for that? Blend a banana, 2tbsp cacao powder, 1tbsp of peanut butter with 300ml Unsweetened Almond Milk the night before and you have a nutritious and delicious breakfast to go!

Squash the Frog

Now we aren’t talking animal cruelty here, the frog is your tricky task, your slippery task… the task you simply do not want to get done. Whether it’s because it’s difficult, time-consuming or just plain boring we all have them and quite often we cover them (ok hide them…completely) and ignore them until they are urgent. BUT… imagine the relief of knowing the toughest jobs of the day are done. So, write that tricky email to a colleague, complete the report or clear out that wardrobe… whatever the job is get it out of your hair first thing!

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