#Springtox: How To Detox In Time For Summer

#Springtox: How To Detox In Time For Summer

Can you see it, there? Just peaking out through the clouds. It’s the Sun. It’s on its way back. It’s that time again, time you shook off those cold weather blues and got back into it ready for summer.

Aside from cutting back on the takeaways and pints at the pub, there are many other ways you can  #Springtox to prep you for the summery days ahead! We’ve picked out a few products, and made a few suggestions for easing back into the flow, and help detox without wrecking yourself.

Get out in the sunshine

This is our first and most important tip by far. If you take nothing else from reading this blog, we hope that you’ll take the time to get outside for even just a few minutes when the sun is shining.

Human beings are meant to be outside. Behind a desk is not what we were made for. Never mind the fact that being out in the sunshine increases your natural vitamin D levels and your mood, it just feels so good (even if it’s still a bit chilly).

Stay hydrated

We’re going to give you some suggestions when it comes to which supplements to take, but it’ll be all for nought if you’re about as hydrated as that once-loved houseplant we’ve all allowed to perish at some point in our lives.

Your cells need water to function. Your muscles need water to repair, and if you’re dehydrated, your brain is going to struggle to focus. Try stick to around 8 glasses of water and day and this will help both cleanse and detox your system!

Eat more protein and less carbs

Carbohydrates equal energy, which of course is important when you’re out and about being active, but know which ones to choose, and how much you need. In the Winter months, it’s tempting to snuggle up in the evening with a big bowl of pasta or a jacket potato. It might warm you up, but it’s wasted energy, which ultimately just gets turned into fat. Protein and healthy fats are a much more useful and sustainable source of energy, so when BBQ season comes around, skip the bun and have an extra protein instead.

Also, the type of carbs you want to be avoiding when it comes to helping yourself feel better, are the refined sort. That’s white bread and pasta, cakes, cookies and the like.

Start exercising

Join a gym, start CrossFit, find a half marathon to train for, or set yourself up with an at-home program. Don’t be timid about this. You’ve got one body, and it’s capable of amazing things. Whatever you think you can do, do more.

If you really want your body to react and change for the better this Spring, you need to push it. You need to get outside of your comfort zone and really go for it. Sweat, get your heart rate up and make those lungs work. Accept no excuses from yourself.

Which vitamins and supplements to take

Green tea extract

Green tea is absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants, which can help to flush away potentially harmful free radicals from your system. Those free radicals can do a fair amount of damage to your cells, and are generally pretty counter-productive when it comes to good health.

Each of our Green Tea Extract tablets contains the equivalent of 1000mg of whole green tea – which is a lot. It’s perfectly safe, and wonderfully healthy.

Vitamin D3

The sunshine vitamin. We’ve spoken about getting out in the sunshine, and you should, but vitamin D is such an important nutrient, that it pays to always have it topped up.

Vitamin D is vital for skin and bone health, and in the absorption of calcium.

A recent study published in the British Journal of Medicine found that vitamin D plays a significant role in preventing symptoms of cold & flu.

It’s the ultimate enabler, and you definitely need it.

Vitamin B complex

Spring and Summer are all about having fun and getting healthy. Your immune system needs to be strong, your energy levels need to be high, and your metabolism needs a kick in the backside to get you going. The B vitamin complex is a family of vitamins aimed at doing just that.

The B vitamins are also important for maintaining a healthy nervous system, which can help keep you happy and focused.

Vitamin C

It might be getting warmer, but there are still some pesky colds around. A strong immune system is vital for fighting those pests off, and vitamin C contributes massively to your first line of defence.

Zinc and magnesium

If we could recommend just two additional mineral supplements, it’d probably be zinc and magnesium. Important for a healthy reproductive system, clearer skin, a properly functioning nervous system and a healthy immune system, many of us don’t get enough zinc and magnesium in our daily diets, so supplementing is a great idea.

Some of our favourite #Springtox picks

myvitamins weight loss bundle

The Weight Loss Bundle contains three effective products designed to help achieve your body weight goals. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, drop a dress size, or generally looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, this bundle has got everything you need to trim down and feel fabulous for summer!

Mio Skincare your fit skin for life

Keep your skin looking super fit with the Your Fit Skin For Life Kit from Mio skincare. Containing 3 effective products including boob tube multi-action bust cream, The activist Active Body Oil, and Workout Wonder Muscle Gel, it’s got all you need to look fabulous from head to toe this summer.


myvitamins Pea Protein 

There’s only so much BBQ food you can eat, we know. If you’re looking to get in shape for the warm weather, too, then you’ll need to supplement with a quality protein powder. Our Pea Protein is an excellent choice if you’re after a gluten free, vegan-friendly protein choice – it’s also less bloating than other protein powders.


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