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What is a Snack Box?
Exactly what it says on the box! Our experts have packed a fantastic range of 12 utterly-scrumptious, deliciously-delectable snacks into a gorgeous little package for you to fall in love with.

If healthy living is your thing, but you can't resist a yummy afternoon treat, or you simply want to discover new exciting products, we've done all the hard work for you. We’ve selected the very best quality innovative products from top producers, handpicked and delivered to your door.

What’s in the Box?
Well you lovely lot are in for a treat, because we’ve got a boat-load of amazing bites for you to try.

In our latest Snackbox, you will find an scrumptious range of new products from amazing brands like Snact, T+, Pip and Nut, Emily’s Fruit Crisps and many, many more. Find out exactly what is in your box and all the juicy goodness in our blog post.

Sounds great, what do I need to do?
Simply pop one of our exclusive Snack Boxes into your basket, we'll package them up real nice and send them off to you via your local lovely postie ('cos who doesn't love getting post)?!

No obligation, just a cheeky one-off treat.

Treat yourself or give it away as the perfect pressie. At an amazing price of £16.99, it’s a great way to try out a box and discover something new today.

myvitamins hates food waste!

Did you know that the UK throws away around 7 million tonnes of food each year, half of which is edible for consumption? Here at myvitamins we work with a number of small, up-and-coming brands with short best before dates on their products, so you might find a product in the box close to, or just past their best before date. This food is perfectly delicious to eat still, and it helps do our bit to support brands and prevent further food wastage.

Allergy Advice

Our products are full of delicious, healthy ingredients but please remember to check our Nutritional Information for allergy content.

Nutritional Information

For aproducts containing allergens, please see below:-

Rawlicious Kale Chips - Nuts

Metcalfe's Honey Bee Popcorn - Milk

t+ Boost Vitamin Tea - Wheat

Clearspring Seaveg Crispies - Sesame

Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter - Almonds


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