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Total Raspberry Ketones



Very good

Been using these for a year now. Very good results from using these. I exercise quite a lot as well

Date: 23 / Mar / 2015

True Woman - Sport



Excess Vitamin B12 (10400% RDA*- per tablet) - causing really bad skin

I use MyVitamins for all of my supplements, but I started taking these twice a day everyday for about 2/3months, during this time I noticed that my skin got really bad, I normally have normal/oily skin, but I started having loads of whiteheads on my face. I researched what could cause this as I take a number of vitamins and 'apparently' excess Vitamin B12 produces excess oil in the skin, resulting in loads of spots. Obviously this might not be the same for everyone but my skin cleared up as soon as I stopped taking them. I also got my mum to try taking one a day for a couple of days and her skin flared up straight away and in her words.... "she hasn't had a spot since she was 16". Most other multi-vits have Vitamin B12 but not 10,400% of your RDA per tablet. Just wanted to make people aware in case they suffer the same side effects.

Date: 22 / Mar / 2015

Omega 3 Balance



Great product, has completely reversed my dry eye condition

Having suffered from extreme dry eyes since I was a child, I have tried ever eye drop and medicine available and none have ever worked. A year ago my optician said that I was starting to get scaring on the surface of the eye which would start to cause visual impairment. He recommended I start taking Omega 3 supplements that have a relatively high EPA and DHA as recent studies have shown this may be beneficial, obviously I was sceptical as nothing else had ever worked. I looked around and found these so started taking them. The difference in my eyes is exceptional. I no longer get he gritty eyes I have suffered with most of my life, and after my latest opticians visit he has said that there is now no inflammation in my eye and the scaring isn't getting any worse. This product does take several months to show any effect for dry eye, but I was expecting that, but I will now be taking these for the rest of my life. If you have dry eye please give these a try, hopefully you'll be as amazed as me.

Date: 18 / Mar / 2015

Total Aloe Vera



aloe vera

I have mild IBS and find that by taking these every day it keeps it at bay.

Date: 13 / Mar / 2015

Total Krill Oil




these arrived in their lovely little bag, upon opening some of them had burst and the smell of fish was just awful,so finding them really difficult to take as they are all slidey and smelly, sorry

Date: 10 / Mar / 2015

Complete Immune Boost



Not happy

It wasn't clear that I was purchasing something that was coming up to its BBF date. Very disappointed that I won't be able to use them all, so it was a false saving. Will not be purchasing from this company again.

Date: 09 / Mar / 2015

Total Krill Oil



Exactly what I expected

I got the delivery quick and none of the products were damaged. I am very happy and will definitely buy again.

Date: 27 / Feb / 2015

True Woman - Hair, Skin & Nails



Never had so good nails

I can't comment on skin and hair as I haven't noticed any difference but my nails have grown and are stronger.

Date: 26 / Feb / 2015

Essential Vitamin D3




I think this has helped me enormously. I feel a lot happier.

Date: 25 / Feb / 2015

Total Ginseng




I actually wanted Siberian ginseng. I keyed in for that and thought that was what I was getting? I cant really comment on the Korean one as I have only just been taking them.

Date: 25 / Feb / 2015

Omega 3-6-9



Omega 3 6 9

Very quick delivery and an excellent product amt a great price

Date: 24 / Feb / 2015

Total Activated Charcoal




Easy to swallow tablets as compared to my previous ones which were covered in charcoal .Has cured the swirling feeling in my stomach and the need to belch. I shall continue taking these as they are the only tablets including doctors' prescriptions which have been effective. I did read on the Internet they were good but proof is in the eating!

Date: 18 / Feb / 2015

Total L Carnitine



Smaller tablet would be good

Huge tablets, very difficult to swallow (even when broken in half) as they are uncoated.

Date: 13 / Feb / 2015

Omega 3-6-9



Great Service

This was my first order. It arrived in good time, and with the offer was a bargain. I particularly liked the resealable packet and the design was brilliant. I have already ordered again!

Date: 12 / Feb / 2015

Total Krill Oil



Krill brill

I am in the OAP age group and I have found a slight improvement in my brain activity after buying my first pack (30) and I have bought more to see if I can continue with this improvement.

Date: 09 / Feb / 2015