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Sweet Virtues believe eating should be an entirely healthy and indulgent experience. All of our products are made with organic ingredients chosen primarily for their taste and nutrient profile, so they are not only delicious but good for you too. This makes for truly guilt-free snacking
and with our exquisite packaging, the perfect gift as well.

The Sweet Virtues Superfood Chocolate Truffles come in three ground breaking flavours; Maqui (Detox), Chia Seeds & Lime (Energise) and Baobab & Vanilla (Balance). Each truffle boasts at least 5 different superfoods including maca, ginseng, lucuma and carob, which are then covered in delicious chocolate and dusted in raw cacao.

The Sweet Virtues Chocolate Halos are delicate discs of organic chocolate infused with a unique restorative flavor combinations; White Tea & Peppermint (Revive), Yerba Mate
& Lemon (Energise), Himalayan Pink Salt (Balance) and Maqui (Detox).

The Sweet Virtues Superfood Chocolate Nut Butter has been designed to combine beautiful textures with an unrivalled flavour. Still made with health in mind, its ingredients include roasted almonds, chia seeds, ginseng and coconut; this is no ordinary nut butter.

The chocolate used is 67% dark chocolate, organic, fair trade and made with minimal processing to preserve its anti-oxidants and overall superior taste.

As delicious as they are nutritious, all of our products are gluten, dairy and cane & refined sugar free. Sweet Virtues only sweeten using coconut blossom nectar. The entire products range are also Vegan accredited.
  • Superfood chocolate Halos with unique restorative flavours to Energise, Balance, Revive and Detox
  • Made with organic ingredients chosen for their impressive nutrient profile
  • Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, sugar free and suitable for vegans

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