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Just like Evian brings water from mountains, Sibberi brings water from trees: Birch, Maple and Bamboo trees. Sibberi Tree Water offers pure bottled sap. It’s tapped straight from the tree and collected drop by drop at the end of winter.

Tree water is naturally hydrating and low in sugar. Slightly sweet and beautifully crisp, it is wonderfully refreshing drunk ice cold. We never add flavours or sugar so it tastes just as nature intended.

Each tree water is naturally hydrating with unique health benefits:
•    Birch water has 4 times less sugar than coconut water and is naturally cleansing.
•    Maple water has twice less sugar than coconut water and is packed full with manganese supporting a healthy bones structure and joint tissues.
•    Bamboo Water has no sugar at all and is the highest natural source of Silica which means it’s great for skin and hair glow.

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